Pennsylvania Senate scrambling may include Dr. Oz – CBS Pittsburgh

(CNN) — Sudden end of Senator candidate Sean Parnell’s campaign In Pennsylvania, the Republican Party is about to win a majority next fall, shaking key areas of the Republican Party in important races.

GOP candidate slate could expand in the coming weeks to include hedge fund executive David McCormick and daytime television personality Dr. Mehmetooz, according to Republican operatives inside and outside Keystone. There is sex.

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“Currently, Pennsylvania has a wide open and fluid field,” said Charlie Dent, a former Republican and CNN contributor to Pennsylvania.

Republican Senator Pat Toomey has not run for reelection, and Democrats see this seat as one of the biggest pick-up opportunities for mid-2022. Even if Parnell isn’t the leading candidate for the GOP nomination, the Republicans want to keep the seats held by party members, except for two of the last 52 years.

McCormick, a former Treasury employee under President George W. Bush, is from Pennsylvania and graduated from West Point. He has lived in Connecticut, where his hedge fund is located, for many years, but Republicans in Pennsylvania have been trying to recruit McCormick to return to the state.

“Republican leaders and donors in Pennsylvania and across the country are accelerating outreach for Dave to take part in the race,” said one near McCormick. “Parnell’s departure clearly created an opening where he is seriously considering it.”

Republicans in Pennsylvania are even more embarrassed by Oz, an Ohio-born doctor in New Jersey who attends Philadelphia School of Medicine and is considering a flight. Oz’s interest in this race was first reported in The Washington Free Beacon and Politico, but the Ozshaw host “considered” in a 2007 interview that he would one day run for public office and himself. He said he called him a “medium Republican.”

Oz’s representative did not answer CNN’s inquiry about his plans, but Republicans admit that his celebrity may be an important factor in the widespread race.

“This crowd is so big and unknown,” said one Republican operative.

Parnell’s resignation and the possibility of new candidates entering primary associations already including Carla Sands and Jeff Bartos are worried for weeks on progress on Parnell’s candidacy after former President Donald Trump backed him. After that, he gave the Republicans a second chance to set their field.

Parnell, an Army combat veteran and former House candidate, faced increased scrutiny of his personal life as divorce and custody disputes continued. His estranged wife, Laurie Snell,’s allegations against Parnell raised concerns among some Republicans about his feasibility as a candidate. Snell claims that Parnell denied that he had accused Parnell of physically abusing her and injuring her child twice.

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However, on Monday, a Pennsylvania judge gave Snell full legal and primary custody of the three children. The judge also determined that Parnell had abused his wife in the past.

“Nothing is more important to me than children,” Parnell said in a statement. “I’m going to ask the court to reconsider, but I can’t continue the Senate campaign.”

According to Trump spokesman Taylor Glitch, Parnell spoke with Trump on Monday to inform him of his plans. He has relationships with several current and potential candidates, but it is unclear whether the former president will support another in the primary.

A Pennsylvania-born Republican fundraiser, Sands was the Danish ambassador under Trump. McCormick’s wife is Dina Powell, a national security official at Trump’s White House, near Ivanka Trump, Trump’s daughter and son-in-law. And Jared Kushner.

And in 2018, Trump appointed Oz to the Presidential Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition. (Another Trump appointed member of the council, Herschel Walker, is running for the Republican Senate nomination in Georgia and has Trump’s support.)

“If both came in, I could see Trump sitting on it,” said a Republican operative near the former president, referring to McCormick and Oz. “Or, Oz doesn’t run, Trump just goes all-in to Dave.”

Democrats in Pennsylvania also have a competitive primary, with Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman and Congressman Conor Lamb vying for nominations. State Republicans say that in Swing State, where victory for suburban Swing voters is key to victory, the primary could pull the final Democratic candidate too far to the left.

With the Republican Party expected to gain a national advantage in next year’s national midterm elections, Dent said the best thing Trump could do in Keystone was to move away from the Republican primary. increase.

“Republicans have obvious advantages in the middle of 2022 and don’t have to blow them away, and to avoid them, former President Trump needs to act constructively,” Dent said. rice field. “It’s actually constructive and you’re moving away from the primary.”

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Pennsylvania Senate scrambling may include Dr. Oz – CBS Pittsburgh

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