Pennsylvania primary is underway at voting start – wake-up call

Amanda Werner had no particular problems throwing ballots in the primary elections on Tuesday, but she arrived brightly and early at the Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church in Nazareth anyway.

“I was able to start voting, so I always voted,” she said — virtually all votes over the number of votes that suggests that Americans naturally continue to have valuable rights. A word that warms the souls of those who despair on election days.

The crowd should be a little bigger this time, considering that the results will set up a November battle for the US Senate and House of Representatives, the Governor of Pennsylvania and various legislative seats. And the story is unusual. In the Senate race field, republican celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz and front-line Democrat John Fetterman, who can’t stand the path to the campaign because he’s recovering from a stroke in the hospital. There is.

“I haven’t missed an election since I was 18,” said Republican Walt Huffner, 72, who voted with his wife Bonnie in the Allen Township Fire Brigade. “We need to change this country in the right direction.”

And, obviously, they couldn’t wait to get started.

“We are brushing our teeth and voting,” said Bonnie Huffner.

Still, some suspected that turnout would be what it should be. Nazareth voter Bob Laub, 64, said he might have voted by mail, just like his wife, but to Grace Luthel, who voted less than 12 people in the first hour of the vote. I traveled.

“I like to come here and see who’s here,” said lifelong Democrat Laub. “Nobody.”

Things were also late in the Bath of the St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church. Kenny Haldaman, 73, who laughed at himself as “the only Democrat in Bath”, voted in every election and knew that the ballot was short, so he went directly to throw the ballot. He said he came to vote.

The issues raised in all ballots are those that affect all areas of life, such as taxation, education, and personal autonomy.

“Everything starts in your hometown. It’s important to show the kids that it’s your citizen’s duty,” says her 4-year-old son Anderson to cast a ballot at the Northern Pton Memorial Community Center. Elizabeth Bell (34), who brought her, said.

The Pennsylvania primary system is closed. That is, Republican and independent voters cannot vote for Republican and independent votes. Some voters will cross the border of the party. Others are strictly supporters of the party.

“I’m sick of this Democratic routine,” said Bath voter Kathleen Weber, 58.

Just in case, the polling place is until 8 pm.If you don’t know where to vote, you can look up the location of the polling place Here.. If you still have the ballot by mail, the county election office must receive the ballot by 8 pm.

This election cycle includes Lee High Valley, Pennsylvania, and many races that can have a significant impact on the country. The US Senate seat currently held by Lehigh County Republican Pat Toomey will be available after Toomey decides not to seek reelection. Republicans want to win seats that could change their body’s balance of power. Democrats want to solidify their position. The whole country will watch this race on both sides of the aisle.

The 7th Parliamentary District, where Democrat Susan Wild is incumbent, is drawing attention on the Republican side. Lisa Scheller, who lost to the wild in 2020, confronts Kevin Delicer. Republicans want to regain the House of Representatives, and the seventh seat is considered by many to be Tosap in the fall.

Finally, the incumbent Governor Tom Wolfe has a limited term, which reserves a seat for the Governor of Pennsylvania. There are many challengers in the Republican Party. The Democratic Party has one. This race will be of great help in shaping Pennsylvania over the next four years.

US Senate


Front runners: Kathy Burnett, Dave McCormick, Mehmet Oz,

Even in the race: George Bochet, Jeff Baltos, Shaun Gayle, Carla Sands.

Democratic Party

Performers: John Fetterman, Malcolm Kenyatta, Alex Karil, Connor Lamb.


Democratic Party

Josh Shapiro


Front runners: Lou Barletta, Douglas Mastriano, Dave White, Bill Maxwayne

Also in the race: Joe Gale, Charlie Gerov, Melissa Hart, Nche Zama.

Vice Governor

Democratic Party

Austin Davis, Brian Simms, Ray Sosa


John Brown, Jeff Kollman, Teddy Daniels, Carrie Del Rosso, Las Diamond, Chris Fly, James Jones, Rick Saccorn, Claris Schillinger

US Congress-7th District


Kevin Delicer, Lisa Scheller

Democratic Party

Susan Wild

PA.Senate-14th District


Dean Browning, Omy Maldonado, Cindy Miller

Democratic Party

Yamelisa Taveras, Nick Miller, Tara Zrinski

PA.Senate — District 16


Pat Brown, Jarrett Coleman

PA.House-22nd District

Democratic Party

Last order

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Saeed Georges, Josh Siegel

PA.House-District 134

Democratic Party

Enid Santiago, Peter Schweyer

PA.House-District 187


Gary Day, Ryan McKenzie

Pennsylvania primary is underway at voting start – wake-up call

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