Pennsylvania Officials Are Looking for 2 Girls Allegedly Kidnapped by Their Father

Police in Pennsylvania are looking for two girls allegedly kidnapped at gunpoint by their father. They “may be at special danger of injury or harm,” according to a police alert.

The father of two young Pennsylvania girls, a former police officer, is suspected of kidnapping them with a gun on Tuesday night. The two little girls are Aaminah Vicosa and Giana Vicosa. The police are looking for their father, Robert Vicosa, 42.

According to state police, the two girls were last seen around 11:49 a.m. Tuesday in Windsor Township. The youngsters are allegedly in grave danger, and police urge the public to stay away from Vicosa if they encounter him. He’s thought to be armed, according to reports.

When last seen, he was wearing blue pajama trousers with a penguin design, a green 3/4-zip long-sleeve shirt, and muck boots. State police say he’s driving a black Lexus G35 that has a Pennsylvania registration number KPK2076.

According to Baltimore County Police Department spokeswoman Joy Stewart, Vicosa worked as an officer until August of last year, when he was terminated.

The reason for his dismissal remains unknown. However, authorities in York County, Pennsylvania, say he robbed a house and held a woman at gunpoint before kidnapping the girls and leaving in the woman’s car.

Authorities have not yet released the name of the woman who was kidnapped and held hostage. However, police found her car to be empty after someone took it. The York Area Regional Police Department reported that the intrusion occurred in Windsor Township in York County. Police later discovered a vehicle in the nearby town of Red Lion.

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