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President Joe Biden Earlier this week, he spoke loudly and shook a fairly large stick as the government announced that employees needed a coast-to-coast nursing home to vaccinate. Risk of losing money in Federal Medicaid and Medicare..

“I’m using the power of the federal government as a payer of health care to ensure that the risk of the most vulnerable older people is mitigated.” Biden At a press conference, he said he was detailing the new federal actions. Capital Star Washington Reporter Laura Olson..

“There is no increased risk of getting COVID from unvaccinated employees when visiting, living or working in a nursing home.” Biden Added.

This announcement was made very early on for the Pennsylvania nursing home industry. Pennsylvania has appealed to state authorities on several budget cycles that the state needs. Direct a large share of Medicaid’s funds to the industry..

Unions representing nursing home workers, which have been thinly stretched by the pandemic, are also calling for changes to state rules governing staffing ratios and other important matters. NS Wolf regime Unfolded the first round of amendments at a press conference in July..

According to organized labor, the change has been postponed for a long time.

“Our union members had to continue working under the weight of a pandemic, but they are spreading thinly and taking a double shift just for the residents to receive the care they deserve.” Chris Woods,President District of National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employees 1199c, Written in Capital-Starop-Ed in April..

President Joe Biden will give a speech on voting rights at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Tuesday, July 13, 2009 (MSNBC screen capture).

In a statement released following the administration’s announcement, a trade association representing the state’s nursing home industry accused its mission of “exacerbating” existing labor problems throughout the industry.

“Support and collaboration, not threats or punishments, will lead to the success and sustainability of long-term care, whether it’s solving a labor crisis or increasing staff vaccine acceptance.” Zack Schaumburg,President Pennsylvania Healthcare AssociationSaid in a statement.

The White House order “may exacerbate the existing workforce crisis and jeopardize access to the care of tens of thousands of vulnerable residents throughout Pennsylvania. Providers have already restricted new admissions. I’m forced to do that. ” Schaumburg Added.

Adam Mars, Head Leading Age Pa.Another trade association, his organization, “supports federal missions,” he said.[remained] We are concerned that this could have a negative impact on the already exacerbating employment crisis. Vaccines are safe – and they work. Nothing is more important than the health and well-being of the elderly we serve. “

His group encouraged members to require vaccination because it is “the best way to keep both residents and staff safe, but it is necessary for individual providers to make contextual choices. I acknowledged the flexibility, “he added.

Yetta Timothy, a 27-year veteran certified nursing assistant, talks about the steps of the Capitol at a rally on March 26, 2021 to increase the number of nursing homes. (Capital star photo by Stephen Caruso)

SEIU HealthcareRepresenting registered nurses throughout the state government, has already come out for recent support wolf Executive order demanding frontline federal staff Get vaccinated or take weekly tests..

In a statement at the time, the union said the administration’s order was “to ensure that all health care workers receive education, opportunities and protection to keep them and the people they care for safe from the virus. Strengthen the common goals of. “

“We are ready to discuss and plan for universal immunization in the workplace.” John Beresinsky, A registered nurse of the State Department of Health, and union members said in a statement. “It is imperative that front-line caregivers guide this process. We need to ensure that healthcare professionals always have access to appropriate PPE, disinfectant supplies, safe workspaces, and education. We believe that all workers need to get education, access, and paid leave to be vaccinated. “

Thursday SEIU Healthcare President, Matthew JanelExpressed similar sentiment, and the union “recommends all essential workers and workers to be vaccinated and to prioritize education, easy access and transparency in the distribution of vaccines.

“”[We] Continue to work with federal and state leaders, healthcare providers, and community organizations to help educate communities to ensure that everyone understands the facts about vaccines, their benefits, and their needs. increase. ” Yarnell Continued.

As Capital star Stephen Caruso Reported last week, Wolfish Vaccine orders split the union, some of which chose to negotiate requirements, Pennsylvania Prison Officers Association, Chosen to file a proceeding.

The division of the region reflects the broader division of labor over the issue of vaccine obligations.

At the national level AFL-CIO Said to fully support vaccine obligations, Bloomberg method It was reported at the end of last month. NS American Teachers’ FederationHe said he would oppose plans that did not leave the choices to workers and unions. Bloomberg..

“There is a bigger principle that many unions are reacting to.” Paul Clark, Labor and employment professor Pennsylvania State University, Said Bloomberg.. “The overall purpose of the union is to give workers some control and voice over what is happening in the workplace.”

Pennsylvania Capitol. (Photo of the capital star by Kathy Miller.)

A Republican parliamentarian behind an Arizona-style investigation into Pennsylvania’s election results said his cause was “weakened and diminished.” Pressed pause on probe, Marley Parish Report.

Approximately 1,200 Pennsylvania hairdressers and salons across the federation who applied for state pandemic assistance last year but did not receive it You are currently eligible to receive $ 20 million in industry-specific funding., Stephen Caruso Report.

New tool released by Human Services, Pennsylvania can Identified by providers and community organizations Dealing with health inequality, State health experts say, Cathy mirror Report.

Bomb threat reported Thursday at Capitol Hill, a member of the Pennsylvania Parliamentary delegation I was checking in to the members To let them know that they are safe Cathy mirror I’ll report again.

Tax form Philly Pride Presents Reveal the organization Funds run out from 2016 to 2019, no assets,Of partners Philadelphia Gay News report. The organization was scrutinized for refusing to repay some vendors for events canceled in 2020 and 2021.

Philadelphia officials They say they won’t deploy new programs To keep public school students safe during the epidemic of gun violence Philadelphia Tribune report.

Regular opinions on this morning’s commentary page Bruce Redewitz The Justice Department states that it was wrong not to defend Alabama Legislature in a civil lawsuit over participating in the January 6 riots. b bProsecuting former President Donald Trump would be even worse.. From our brother site Missouri Independence, Farmer Durbin Bent Large I wonder if Biden White House Executive order Will make a real difference in food production..

Enra Estrela-Capital: Al comenzar la escuela, los funcionarios estatales ofreceniniciativas opcionales devacunación y pruebasalos distritos.. Y el proyecto de ley del legislador de Filadelfia designaría septeimbrecomo’Mes de la Herencia Hispana,’en Pa

(Via image Philadelphia Gay News).

Other places.
Philly sauerkraut Introduce you to a judge who doesn’t even have to campaign thanks to what is called Magic sheet.. “

Pennsylvania Record maximum daily total of COVID-19 cases In the months of Thursday, there were 3,451 new infections. Post gusset Report.

More Public Schools in Central Pennsylvania I need a mask, PennLive Report. Check if your district is on the list (paywall).

Fentanyl deaths are on the rise in Pennsylvania In Lee High Valley morning Call Report.

Search for a new mayor We are working in earnest in Luzerne County. Citizen-Voice Report.

Washington County Employee Postponed voting to reconstruct County Human Services Department, Observer-Reporter Report.

School staff in the Mars area of ​​Allegheny County Banned the teaching of critical racial theory and approved “correction of patriotism”. WESA-FM Report.

Why-FM Delve into census data and its implications For growing political power Of the Asian and Latin American communities in Philadelphia.

Conservative groups spend $ 240,000 on advertising pressure US Congressman Susan Wild, D-7 District, When Matt Cartwright, D-8 Ward, Oppose a $ 3.5 trillion budget resolution, Politics PA Report.

A group of nine U.S. House Democrats Sticking to their demands Voting for infrastructure must be done before budget voting, Roll call Report.

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Pennsylvania Nursing Home Opposes Biden’s Vaccine Obligation In Employment Crisis | Friday Coffee

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