Pennsylvania House Republicans Announce Plans to Change Voting Law – NBC10 Philadelphia

An ambitious Republican proposal to amend Pennsylvania’s election law was announced Thursday. This is a 149-page bill that changes deadlines, adopts new rules for early voting, changes mail voting procedures, and requires all direct voters to have an ID.

The measures created by State Commission Chairman Seth Grove could face serious opposition from the Democratic Party in states where the two parties are competing in state-wide competition.

Pennsylvania’s tightly monitored 2020 elections went well, but many Republicans changed their election law following the unfounded allegations of former President Donald Trump’s widespread voting fraud. I’m looking for.

“This is not the view of Republicans or Democrats,” said R-York’s Grove, who held a hearing on this topic this spring. “This is the view of what we have heard through 10 extensive hearings from all sides.”

The bill was introduced by Globe and House Republican leaders just three weeks before lawmakers were scheduled to return home in the summer.

Detailed and complex legislation requires approval by both the Republican majority and the signature of Democratic Governor Tom Wolf.

Wolf spokesman Lindsay Kensinger said the bill aims to create new barriers to voting, effectively silencing people’s voices and turning access to ballots into a political weapon. He said he was aiming.

“This proposal does not protect the rights of voters or increase access,” said Kensinger. “Attempting to undermine confidence in our election system was an extremist proposal that led to an assault on the US Capitol. They didn’t like the results of the November elections and are now We are pushing forward with proposals disguised as “election perfection” and retaliating against voters. ”

The state county, which is running the main points of the election, urged lawmakers to pass two specific changes to the mail ballot application and counting process by the end of June. They allowed them to count mailed ballots before the election day, and these changes to postpone the application deadline for absentee ballots are an election management issue in time for the November 2 general election. Said to fix most of the.

Globe’s bill has not been negotiated with legislative Democrats or Wolf, leaving Republican leaders to reach an agreement in the coming weeks during the busy period of final state budget negotiations.

“We will carefully consider rewriting this 150-page election law because there is no Democratic opinion, voting will be more complicated and seemingly not easy,” said House Democratic leader Joanna McClinton. I will. “Improved access to ballots for all voters in a bipartisan way, as we did in 2019, should be the norm for election changes.”

The law sets new restrictions on the location of mailed ballot drop boxes, improves access to polling stations for disabled voters, and allows counties to start counting mailed ballots five days before the election date. I will.

Voting registration deadlines will change from 15 days to 30 days before elections, as they did before the 2019 law amendment. Voting by mail must be requested 15 days before the election date.

The mail ballot dropbox is only allowed for 7 days before the election and is available from 7am to 8pm. The county requires at least one dropbox site, and you can add one for every 100,000 people. I live in a county. They must be monitored by election inspectors of each major political party.

After 2025, early voting will be allowed.

This proposal contains rules for fixing problems with mailing ballot envelopes, such as missing signatures and dates. It will introduce new rules on how the list of registered voters is maintained.

Globe’s bill also demands an audit of voting results, establishes an Election Audit Office in the State Audit Office with subpoena authority, and conducts a “results review audit” scheduled for the third Friday after all votes. Complete multiple audits, including.

The county must issue a “scannable and durable” voter registration card that must be presented by those who vote directly.

The bill also limits the Department of State’s guidance to counties on election procedures and limits the Department of State to the explicit obligations on elections outlined in state law.

Like last year, it will ban the county from accepting personal donations aimed at supporting elections. Such donations must be distributed by the Department of State and available in all counties.

The bill will end the current practice of allowing people to sign up and receive mail ballots permanently. Instead, voters must request one per election.

In addition, fines for various election law violations will be raised, and election judges’ salaries will be raised from the current $ 75 to $ 200 to $ 175 to $ 300.

The Globe Commission will pick up the bill on Tuesday.

Pennsylvania House Republicans Announce Plans to Change Voting Law – NBC10 Philadelphia

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