Pennsylvania Farm Show Makes a Welcome Return

After being fully virtualized in 2021 by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s exciting to see the Pennsylvania Farm Show return to its traditional format this year.

Hopefully this can be restored to normal, but due to the surge in cases caused by Omicron variants, this year’s proceedings are due to a pandemic.The event starts this weekend and lasts until Saturday

Visitors should be aware of Secretary of Agriculture Russell Reading’s call to use his discretion in deciding whether to attend. You should avoid this event if you feel sick, feel uneasy about your personal health, or have family or colleagues who are particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus. Please note that some virtual activity is available on the Farmshow website (

Participants are required to wear a mask at the event and use the hand sanitizer station throughout the facility. Vaccines are also available on the site. Reading is a farm show complex that helps make things safer, including an upgraded HVAC system to create safer airflow and wider aisles to reduce congestion and deal with congested areas. I paid attention to the renovation of.

We are pleased that the show has fully revived in the 106th year, as it is so important to people working in agriculture in Pennsylvania. Having the opportunity to collect and display their work is a highlight of their year, especially for future industry-leading young people. Recall this industry, which supports Pennsylvania’s 593,000 jobs and contributes $ 132.5 billion annually to Pennsylvania’s economy.

The respect for the people who put the food on our table is very good now. For almost two years, they have been tirelessly striving to provide us with an uninterrupted food supply, despite the tremendous challenges posed by the pandemic and the associated logistics problems. They deserve to be celebrated, and this week we offer the opportunity to do so.

And what a celebration it is! With a million square feet of farm education, competition and celebrations, this Pennsylvania Agricultural Midwinter Celebration is the country’s largest indoor agriculture expo. There are about 6,000 animals, 12,000 competition events and exhibits, as well as 300 commercial exhibits and hundreds of educational and entertainment events.

The 2022 show will be held daily from 8am to 9pm from January 8th to 15th. However, it will open from 8 am to 8 pm on January 9th and open at 8 am and close at 5 pm on January 15th.

This year’s theme is “harvest more”. This represents Pennsylvania’s farmers’ superior productivity in providing food and other items, as well as their successful efforts to increase industry innovation and sustainability.

We encourage visitors to take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about the latest and greatest in the agricultural industry. However, we recognize that the main reason this event attracts about 500,000 people annually is related to the enjoyment it offers.

There is a popular food court that features offerings from producers in Pennsylvania. You have the chance to see many animals up close. And there are many competitions in other parts of the arena and complex, including spectator-pleasing events such as rodeos and tractor pulling.

This year’s new event will include the Canine Spectacular at 6 pm on January 13th, where farm dogs will show off their skills. Nuts to You Virtual reality learning experience. And an exhibition that provides advice on urban horticulture.

Therefore, those who are fully vaccinated, boosted and feeling healthy are advised to consider traveling to a farm show. With the holiday season over and the winter months still ahead, it’s a great opportunity to enjoy, learn and salute a group of highly worthy people.

Pennsylvania Farm Show Makes a Welcome Return

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