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Saubel’s Markets in Shrewsbury, PA, $ 103,000 from United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) As part of that American Rural Energy Program, USDA Secretary Tom Billsack Announced by a grocery store in York County on Friday.

Grants are part of $ 633 million investment According to a statement from the ministry, the USDA “reduces the impact of climate change on rural communities.”

“American countryside Is at the forefront of climate change and our community deserves an investment to strengthen all of our resilience. ” Billsack said. “President [Joe] Biden has created a roadmap on how to tackle the climate crisis, increase access to renewable energy infrastructure, while creating high-paying jobs and saving people’s energy costs.With Build a better agendaThe USDA will be able to fund more important projects, such as those announced today, in the coming months and years. “

Saubel’s Markets will use a grant to install solar panels on the roof of a family-owned grocery store.

This project is expected to save $ 30,852 a year Replace with 395,539 kWh (kWh) per year, This is enough energy to power 36 households a year.

Pennsylvania receive Over $ 1 Million for Like 22 project State-wide, according to a USDA statement.

As always, yours Top 5 most read stories The beginning of this week starts with:

British Captain Simeon Equier, drawn by Colonial Williamsburg interpreter Ken Trise, provided a blanket infected with smallpox to the American Indians surrounding Fort Pitt, second from the right. From left, Patrick Simmons, Christopher Jones, Ted Boskana, Trees, and Patrick Andrews interpret the 2003 Colonial Williamsburg Exchange (Image courtesy of Colonial Williamsburg Foundation /Philadelphia Tribune).

1.1. Celebrating Thanksgiving is celebrating a racist genocide | Michael Coard

Just 400 years ago, on November 9, 1621 (or as early as September 21, as some scholars believe), in Plymouth, Massachusetts, British pilgrims were with Wampanoagnation a year after their arrival. It seems that they celebrated the first so-called Thanksgiving feast in the land of those indigenous red people.

Tragically, those who trust red men, women, and children didn’t expect the unimaginable hell of widespread death and massive land robbery to follow soon.

When the pilgrims arrived on the Mayflower in 1620, they did not bring gratitude. They didn’t even appreciate it. Instead, they brought about a racist genocide and gave nothing.

And they finally succeeded in mass slaughter and weapons of mass destruction. Not because they were wise and strong, but because they were sadistically evil racists who had previously begun to use weapons of mass destruction unprecedented in the land.

Donation page of Meh Metooz

2.2. Despite their millions, Republican aspirants Dr. Oz, White uses pre-checked boxes for additional campaign cash.

Mehmet Oz gained fame Millions of viewers Hand over their money to supplement the company that sells their products Suspicious medical value..

Currently a resident of Garden State and a cardiac surgeon, he is seeking money for himself to undertake a 2022 bid for a Republican nomination for the Senate in Pennsylvania.

And if Oz’s political supporters don’t care about the fine print, like viewers who want a healthier life, they may not know what they agree with.

Oz, along with Republican Dave White running for governor, is the latest Republican candidate to set up donors to make indefinite election donations, including a pre-checked box for funding solicitations.

Pennsylvania Turn Pike (Douglas Muth / Flickr)

3.3. Senator Marty Flynn introduces Turnpike Reform Package to prevent future toll “leakage”

rear Over $ 104 Million Tolls for the Pennsylvania Turnpike weren’t collected last year, and state senators say he figured out ways to prevent future losses.

“This number is unacceptable and requires a targeted approach to strengthen coercion and penalties for those who consistently avoid paying applicable tolls,” said Marty Flynn of D-Rakkawana. Senator Flynn wrote: Memo I’m seeking help from a colleague earlier this month.

Flynn, a member of 14 members Senate Trade CommissionHe says he plans to introduce an invoice package to prevent future uncollected tolls, commonly referred to as “leakage.”

Congressman Scranton proposes three legislation to increase penalties for drivers who do not pay tolls, require financial reporting from the Turnpike Commission to the General Assembly, and resume staffing at the Turnpike interchange.

The intersection of Montrose and North Third Street in Susquehanna Township, Dauphin County (Photo of the capital star by John L. Misek)

4.4. Who do you call “sleepy”?Suburban HBG Districts Unite to Fight Development | Wednesday Coffee

With the definition of a “sleepy suburban neighborhood” textbook, a well-kept house and a large lawn outpost on the other side of Harrisburg City in Susquehanna Township, Dauphin County would work very well. There is a possibility.

However, if you’re driving around the neighborhood lately, it’s quite possible that you’ll notice the regularly planted garden signs that say “Nobody is walking here.” “Don’t sue your neighbor,” “Save Montrose Park.”

Like us The Burg Report FriendsSigns are very eye-catching of conflicts between local officials, neighbors at the intersection of North Third Street and Montrose Street, and developers who want to build a clinic building between pre-war and post-war homes. It’s a visible sign. The trajectory of Harrisburg’s vibrant Jewish community.

What started as a zoning dispute and then turned into a court battle in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic attracted residents in unexpected ways. TheBurg Report.

Governor Tom Wolf will speak at a public education funding rally on June 8, 2021. (Photo of Capital Star by Stephen Caruso)

5.5. Wolf veto bill allowing unauthorized hidden carry-on in Pennsylvania

Governor Tom Wolf has rejected a bill that would allow anyone over the age of 18 who could legally own a firearm to carry a hidden weapon without permission.

It would also have abolished state legislation prohibiting the carrying of firearms in Philadelphia.

The Democratic Governor said in a veto message that the bill “only exacerbates gun violence and threatens the security of all Pennsylvanians.”

NS SpecificationLast month, it expanded the Republican-controlled General Assembly, a top priority for gun rights groups.that passed it Senate 29-21 and House 107-92 in early November 2 weeks ago..

Under current state law, gun owners in Pennsylvania over the age of 21 can only carry hidden weapons with permission from the county sheriff.

And that’s the week. See you next weekend here.

Pennsylvania Companies Receive Over $ 103,000 from USDA Rural Energy Program | Five Weekends

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