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Republicans in Pennsylvania nominated Donald Trump’s governor election on Tuesday. This was an election refusal who was outside the Capitol on January 6, but was split over a senator candidate. Expulsion of Madison CorthornFirst Congressman suffering from a North Carolina scandal.

Voters from five states went to vote on Tuesday, selecting candidates at the heart of this year’s most controversial battle for control of Congress, the State Capitol, and the Governor’s Office.From Oregon North CarolinaFrom Idaho to Kentucky and Pennsylvania, a series of nomination contests tested both Trump’s grip on the Republican Party and the leadership of Democrat Joe Biden.

of Pennsylvania – Long-standing swing state and one of the most fierce election battlefields – Far-right state senator Josh Shapiro, a key figure in overturning the outcome of the 2020 state elections Play against Shapiro. In the long-awaited contest for the Attorney General and Governor.

The Associated Press has declared Mastriano, a retired Army colonel, the winner of the Republican candidate’s crowded territory. Shapiro ran without resistance. Despite his Maga’s good intentions, Trump only approved Mastriano on the last day of the campaign after he consistently led the polls. But his candidacy is worried about party leaders who are concerned that he is too extreme to sue voters in the state.

Far-right state senator Doug Mastriano will face Josh Shapiro in the long-awaited governor’s election in Pennsylvania. Photo: Carolyn Custer / AP

In North Carolina, Cawthorn failed to win the reelection in multiple scandals and gave up his seat to Chuck Edwards, a third-term senator and business owner. It was an amazing fall for a 26-year-old lawmaker who was once considered a Republican rising star.

But his noisy turmoil offended many of his colleagues. Some were fiercely opposed to him in the race after a Washington person he “respected” invited him to an orgy and he claimed without evidence of using cocaine. House minority leader Kevin McCarthy has publicly accused Kosorn of this statement.

John Fetterman, Deputy Governor of Pennsylvania, easily won the State Democratic Primary in the Senate. stroke Fetterman was removed from the campaign on the last weekend before the election. His victory is one of the most intense Senate races in the cycle and one of the best opportunities for the Democrats to win a seat in a year of political headwinds.

Fetterman, a mediocre graduate of Harvard University who wears Jim’s shorts and is known for supporting the legalization of marijuana, is a member of parliament who worked closely with Biden and left-wing state legislator Malcolm Kenyatta. Defeated Connor Ram. Fetterman is expected to recover completely from the stroke, but he was still in the hospital and was unable to attend the election night party.

In a statement, Joe Biden said electing a LDP Fetterman would be “a big step forward for Pennsylvania workers.” The president called him a “strong candidate” who could unite the Democrats and win the general election, blaming the Republican opposition, and anyone who emerged as a candidate was “too dangerous, too greedy,” It’s too extreme. ” the US Senate..

Mehmet Oz stands on the podium talking to a crowd of supporters. The sign behind him says
Celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz was chasing Dave McCormick in the Republican Senate in Pennsylvania on Tuesday night. Photo: Hannah Bayer / Reuters

At the end of Tuesday, Fetterman’s opponents were not yet known. Mehmet Oz, a celebrity doctor known as Dr. Oz, was chasing former hedge fund CEO Dave McCormick, but the race was too close to make a call. Conservative commentator Kathy Burnett, who enjoyed the 11-hour surge, ended in a distant third as Oz and McCormick launched a brutal attack on each other.

“Unfortunately, there is no resolution tonight,” McCormick said in a speech at the election night party on Tuesday, citing countless unresolved ballots.

On the Republican side, Oz had a hard time unifying the conservative foundation behind him. Hound, Oz as “Hollywood Liberal” Embrace The false allegations of Trump’s fraudulent vote were rewarded with a sign of approval from the former president. But when they appeared together at the rally, boos were heard whenever Trump mentioned Oz.

State conservatives also seemed lukewarm about McCormick, the husband of former Trump administration official Dina Powell. During the campaign, he and Oz unloaded their personal box of war and leveled such ferocious campaigns with each other, so resentful voters said they began to look at Burnett.

In some North Carolina states, Trump-backed MP Ted Budd has defeated former Governor Pat McCrory and 12 other candidates to the Senate Republican nomination. Bad had a hard time gaining traction early in the race until the surprising support from the former president raised his candidacy. He also received a lot of backing from Club for Growth, an influential anti-tax group that funded the race on his behalf.

Bad confronts Democratic Cheri Beasley, the former Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court. Beasley faces an uphill in the state. Republican Has dominated the Senate race. If you win, the pioneering former public defenders will make history as the first black senator in the Southern State.

In a progressive setback, State Senator Valerie Fassie is a fiercely contested primary in North Carolina, instead of retiring Congressman David Price in a secure Democratic seat in North Carolina’s Fourth Parliamentary District. Defeated Nida Alam, the first Muslim woman to be elected to public office. ..

Foushee was one of many candidates who benefited from the support of Superpack, a member of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (pro-Israel Lobby Group). Pour money into the primary race It aims to counter the rise of progressive Democrats who sympathize with the Palestinian cause.

Madison Corthorn sits in a wheelchair surrounded by supporters.
Madison Corthorn lost her North Carolina primary on Tuesday. Photo: Nerredmond / AP

The group also targeted Summer Lee in the last few weeks of her bid to win a party nomination in a solid democratic Pennsylvania district.

But late Tuesday night, progressive representative Lee was spent against her to defeat Steve Irwin in a race to replace MP Doyle, who will retire at the end of next year. It seems that he has overcome the flood of money. Lee Seung-yuop’s victory will be a big victory for the progressive movement in the safe democratic era. If elected, she will be the first black woman to represent the state in Congress.

Very conservative Idaho, Incumbent Governor Brad Little has defeated Far Right Vice Governor Janice McGeachin. When he returned, he barely overturned his orders.

And in OregonKurt Schrader, a moderate Democrat known for defeating the party, wanted to dodge a powerful progressive challenge in a race considered a test of the president’s proceedings at the party’s base. ..

And in an expensive battle for Oregon’s newly created Sixth Parliamentary District, Democratic State Representative Andrea Salinas leads a vast primary association, including political beginners backed by cryptocurrency billionaires. I was there. If elected, Salinas will be the first Latina in the Legislature.

Among other policy positions, the seventh term incumbent was the progressive’s biggest goal, after joining the Republican Party in opposition to Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion pandemic bailout package. Nevertheless, Schroeder was Biden’s first candidate to approve this cycle.

In Kentucky, the state’s top Democrat, Morgan Kugarbay, won the primary in a parliamentary primary on behalf of retired congressman John Yarmouth, who supported him. He defeated state legislator Attica Scott, who received public attention when he sued a Louisville police officer. After being arrested Disappointment for athletic activists who want to convert grassroots energy into political interests during the summer 2020 protest of racial justice.

Charles Booker, a former black parliamentarian who emerged as a powerful voice against racial justice in the aftermath of Breona Taylor’s deadly police shooting in 2020, won the state’s Democratic Senator. .. Progressive faces a long probability in his bid to dismiss Republican Senator Rand Paul in November.

Pennsylvania and North Carolina primaries test Trump’s support for Republicans | Republicans

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