PennsDOT Launches Consumer Website

PennsDOT has launched a database showing which vehicle inspection stations, inspectors, dealers, and issuing agents have been suspended due to violations of state inspection rules and laws, and breach of contract.

Officials said the move was aimed at increasing consumer transparency.

“Vehicle inspection, license plate issuance, registration and titles are an integral part of ensuring the safety and proper registration of everyone traveling on the road. Consumers are using this new tool, You can make informed decisions about these services, “said PennDOT Secretary-General Yasming Ramian.

Consumers can access the pages of suspended inspection stations and inspectors Check for suspended stations or inspectors, or visit the suspended publishing agent page A list of suspended dealers or issuing agents.

These web pages consist of a daily up-to-date list of suspended inspection stations, inspectors, dealers, and issuing agents in the state. Violations of Pennsylvania’s vehicle equipment and inspection rules and / or emission inspection rules will result in a suspension of inspection stations and / or inspectors.

The suspension imposed on the station or inspector is the result of a breach found during the audit or the result of an investigation of the complaint.

Suspension only affects the safety of the vehicle and the ability of the company to perform emission inspections, not the ability to provide other services. Dealers and issuing agents may be suspended for a variety of reasons if they violate the terms of the agreement with PennDOT.

Approximately 17,000 safety inspection stations and 7,700 emission inspection stations are registered in Pennsylvania and are monitored by PennsDOT quality assurance personnel.

Approximately 8,000 dealers or issuing agents in the Commonwealth are contracted to serve customers on behalf of PennsDOT. They are unannounced audits, regular site inspections, analysis of internal reports of title transactions, and public reports of alleged misconduct via the website by the regulated client services section of PennDOT’s Driver and Vehicle Services. It will be monitored through.

Pennsylvania Department Police will investigate the case involving criminal activity by an inspection station or agent.

Consumers can contact the PennDOT chipline at 717-705-9913 to report their concerns. You can also send an email to Customers who are concerned about the agent should call 717-412-5300 or submit the agent through the driver / vehicle contact.

PennsDOT Launches Consumer Website

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