Penn beats first-quarter forecasts and teases bar stool live dealer casino games

Before it’s important but boring Financial details From Penn National Gaming First Quarter Revenue We’re excited to announce Thursday’s big news on Stoolies.

Penn plans to be able to bet interactively Dave Portnoy, Dan “Big Cat” Katz, And others Bar Stool Sports space.

Play casino games with the personality of Portnoy and other bar stools

Therefore, immediately after announcing the following first quarter results: Net profit of $ 91 millionAfter reporting the loss in the same period a year ago, CEO Jay Snowden I spilled big news. straight away, Online casino Players can bet on Portnoy, the founder of Barthtool, where Penn owns 36%.

Just a few days ago Play Pennsylvania Told the reader Penn founded a design studio and they In-house content team..Penn is acquiring HitPoint Studios, Inc.. And its spin-off real money game company, LuckyPoint Inc..

According to Snowden, the pen is already Live dealer studio This allows the player to inherit the personality of the bar stool. It was mentioned to play poker at Portnoy. There are no details or timeline, but there is a message from a spokesperson for the company asking for comment.

In a earnings press release, Snowden emphasized Penn’s unconventional approach and hinted that customers could continue to expect more:

“With a very strong start by 2021, our goal is to continue to confuse the gaming industry and position Pennation for continued growth through an unconventional and fresh approach. With widespread acceptance of sports betting. The growing adoption of technology by consumers, accelerated by the ongoing pandemic, is part of the key driver behind our strategic initiatives.

“In the future, we are confident that Pennation will look very different in the next three to five years, from our previous knowledge of how we operate and how we interact with our customers. Because we are still working on breaking away. “

Pennation’s strong first quarter

So go back Money is important..

Pennsylvania-based companies on a per-share basis 55 cents profit.. This far exceeded Wall Street’s expectations of just 30 cents per share.

Revenues of casino and online gambling operators $ 1.27 billion During the period, beyond Street Forecast.Analysts were expecting $ 1.14 billion..

Penn National Gaming Stock Have stock Almost 6% increase From the beginning of the year.There is a stock Increased 5 times At the end 12 months..

Online casinos launched, two mini-casinos coming to Pennsylvania

On Monday, the company Pennsylvania Barstool Brand Online Casino, Existing participation Stoolies sports app..Participate in Penn’s Hollywood online casino Offering in Pennsylvania.

And the pen has a plan to open 2 PAs Mini casino, One by August and the other by the end of the year.

However, the company set a record in March and then fell in April.

actually, Today’s stock price has fallen by nearly 9% After announcement and market opening.

Additional online sportsbooks planned for Pennation

Snowden said he was expecting Add 8 more states for Online sports betting Before the football season and by the end of the year 10.

He didn’t specify a state or timeline, but Snowden called New York “Difficult” – he has a degree from Harvard University – there are many details to organize.

Snowden also said Casino retail books The brand name continues to change as Barstool to take advantage of the topics around the name of Barstool. It should help turn casual customers into regular customers at Penn’s facility. Penn National’s Hollywood Casino has not yet changed the retail sportsbook brand to Barstool.

Many stools are new to Penn Casino. When they come, they mainly play table games and eat at the property, Snowden said.He said those stools that come to the casino usually sign up My choice Rewards card.

According to Snowden, stools tend to be between the ages of 21 and 27, with an average age of 25. Small bet But track more often and more often Parley betting..

Penn beats first-quarter forecasts and teases bar stool live dealer casino games

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