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Washington (AP) — Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi told colleagues Wednesday that the Democratic Party is “quite in good shape” on the $ 1 trillion infrastructure bill associated with President Joe Biden’s drastic domestic plans.

Her bright comments came when Biden and the Democratic Party attempted to quickly reach an agreement on his big proposal, a social welfare and climate change program now about $ 1.75 trillion.

White House officials met at the Houses of Parliament with Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia and two key Democrats in support of Kyrsten Cinema in Arizona.

But Manchin put the brakes on, saying he didn’t like the idea of ​​”targeting” the wealthy by panning the new millionaire tax proposed by the Democratic Party. Still, he said it was time to move Biden’s planning framework forward.

“People in the stratosphere must be pleased that the country can generate wealth, rather than trying to punish it,” Manchin told reporters before the meeting.

Manchin said the wealthiest Americans prefer a flat “patriotic tax” of at least 15% to avoid skipping tax payments. “There is a patriotic obligation to pay something to this wonderful country,” he said.

Nevertheless, he states: “We need to move forward — the president makes it very clear — he wants to move forward.

Negotiations have accelerated as the Senate Democrats overtook skeptics on Wednesday, announcing a new billionaire tax bill aimed at helping pay for packages and bringing the party closer to an overall agreement.

There is a Sunday deadline to approve a small, bipartisan road and bridge infrastructure bill. Otherwise, you run the risk of expiring funds for your regular transportation program. But the $ 1 trillion bill is pending by progressive lawmakers who refuse to give support without a major deal with Biden.

Pelosi told his colleagues that he would contact the development later that day, according to another person who requested an anonymous discussion of the speaker’s personal remarks at a Democratic meeting.

“It determines our schedule, our course of action, but we are in pretty good shape,” she said.

Senate leader Chuck Schumer opened the room with a similar chord.

“The agreement is within the length of the arm,” said Schumer, DN.Y. “I hope we can reach a framework agreement by the end of today.”

Pelosi reiterated that Democrats need to have “trust, trust, and reality” in Biden’s broader package in order for the House of Representatives to pass a bipartisan infrastructure bill.

The focus is on some of that plan. The announcement of the billionaire tax on Wednesday could help solve the earnings side of the equation when the Democratic Party tries to decide on a tax strategy.

The proposed new tax could hurt the interests of people with assets in excess of $ 1 billion and income in excess of $ 100 million, and could begin to strengthen major social services and climate change programs.

The new billionaire’s proposal, coupled with the new 15% corporate minimum tax, is the alternative income needed to win Cinema, where Biden rejected the party’s previous idea of ​​canceling the Trump-era tax cuts on businesses and the wealthy. Providing a source of revenue.

Biden met Cinema and Manchin at the White House late Tuesday night.

According to a statement by White House officials, the three have advanced the plan.

“I think it’s okay for Billionaire to pay little or no tax for years,” said Ron Wyden, a Democratic Senator in Oregon, who chairs the Senate Finance Committee. I don’t want to say it. ” New effort.

Biden and his party are trying to reduce the $ 3.5 trillion plan by focusing on at least $ 1.75 trillion in healthcare, child care and climate change programs to conclude this week’s negotiations.

In summary, the new tax on billionaires and the 15% corporate minimum tax are designed to meet Biden’s desire for wealthy and large corporations to pay a “fair share.” They also meet his promise that new taxes will not apply to incomes of less than $ 400,000 per year, or less than $ 450,000 for couples. Biden wants to pay the full amount of the package without accumulating debt.

The new tax bill appears to be in favor of Manchin and could beat Biden’s tight 50-50 split Senate to the cinema that needs support, but the millionaire tax idea is for other Democrats. I ran into criticism from. Troublesome or worse.

Ways and Means Commissioner Richard Neale (D-Mass.) Will impose millionaire taxes on Weiden, rather than just a route for his commission to raise tax rates on businesses and the wealthy. Said it might be difficult.

Under Weiden’s new plan, billionaire taxes will hit less than 800 of the wealthiest Americans from the 2022 tax year.

Those with assets over $ 1 billion, or those with $ 100 million in income for the third consecutive year, will not wait for their shares to be sold, but will tax the profits of their shares and other tradable assets. You have to pay.

Similar millionaire taxes apply to non-tradable assets, including real estate, but you have to pay interest, but they are deferred with a tax that is not assessed until the asset is sold.

Overall, the billionaire tax rate is consistent with the capital gains rate and is now 23.8%. Democrats say they can make $ 200 billion in revenue that could help fund Biden’s package in 10 years.

“I’ve been talking about this for years,” said Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Who campaigned for the wealth tax presidential campaign, in support of Weiden’s approach. “I even made the millionaire cry about this.”

Some Republicans have accused millionaires of taxes as “crazy” and suggest that they will face legal issues.

Major Democrats have also expressed concern about billionaire taxes, saying that the idea of ​​canceling the 2017 tax cut by raising the maximum tax rate is more direct and transparent.

Under the House bill approved by Neil’s Commission, the maximum personal income tax rate will increase from 37% to 39.6% for annual incomes of $ 400,000 and for couples above $ 450,000. The corporate rate will rise from 21% to 26.5%. The bill also proposes an additional 3% tax on the wealthiest Americans with adjusted income of over $ 5 million annually.

Senator packed a one-to-two punch and fluidized Biden’s overall plan as Cinema refused to approach house taxes and Manchin panned new spending on the program.

It has also forced difficult, if not complete exclusion, reductions in policy priorities, from paid family vacations to child care, dentistry for the elderly, and the benefits of visual and hearing aids.

The once-expensive climate change strategy has lost some punch, moving away from the disciplinary action against pollutants disputed by coal nation Manchin and instead rewarding clean energy incentives. ..

Manchin’s resistance could shatter another tax idea. It plans to give the IRS more resources to chase tax ridicule. He told Biden at a weekend meeting at the presidential palace in Delaware that the plan was “messed up” and that the government would be able to monitor bank accounts.


Associated Press writers Farnoush Amiri, Darlene Superville, and Colleen Long contributed to this report.

Pelosi is bright in dealings with Biden, but Manchin pans billionaire tax – thereporteronline

Source link Pelosi is bright in dealings with Biden, but Manchin pans billionaire tax – thereporteronline

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