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Pelosi, Democrats Call on Biden to Extend Eviction | Domestic and Global

Washington (AP) — On Sunday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Party leaders called on the Biden administration to extend immediately. National Expulsion Moratorium, We call it “moral imperative” to prevent Americans from being expelled from their homes during the COVID-19 surge.

An estimated 3.6 million Americans are at risk of eviction of peasants as soon as Monday.

Parliament couldn’t swiftly pass a bill to extend the ban that expired on Saturday midnight, and Democratic leaders said in a statement that it was up to President Joe Biden’s administration to act. Stated. They called on the administration to extend the moratorium until October 18.

“Action is needed, it must come from the administration,” Pelosi said in a statement signed by majority leader Stenny Heuer, Whip James E. Cliburn, and assistant speaker Katherine Clark. rice field. Delta variant light. Doing so is a moral obligation. “

The White House, which urged local and state governments to use aid already approved by Congress, did not respond directly to the Democratic call for action.

Some Democrats said they were caught in surprise Last thursday When Biden announced that he would not extend the moratorium again following a Supreme Court ruling suggesting that parliamentary action was necessary for another extension. Lawmakers had only a few days left to act before the ban expired, creating frustration and anger and exposing a rare rift with the administration.

On Sunday, hours after its expiration, Congressman Alexandria Ocasiocortes (DN.Y.) pointed to his party, saying Democrats needed to “call spades”.

“If Democrats make up the majority, we can’t blame the Republicans in good faith,” a progressive lawmaker said in a CNN show.

Ocasio Cortez and other Democrats joined Cori Bush, who camped outside the Capitol in protest over the weekend.

Legislative action was not pending on Saturday, and Financial Services Commission chairman Maxine Waters told CNN, “I thought the White House was in charge.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has implemented a ban as part of its COVID-19 response when work shifts and many workers lose their income. The ban was aimed at curbing the spread of the virus on the streets and among people sent to shelters.

Another source of dissatisfaction for lawmakers is the slow pace of pandemic bailouts already approved by Congress. Biden urged local governments to “take all possible steps” to pay the funds immediately.

“There can be no excuse for states or regions not accelerating funding for landlords and tenants affected during this pandemic,” Biden said in a statement on Friday.

Brian Deese, director of the White House National Economic Council, starred in Fox News Sunday to reflect that sentiment. “Landlords shouldn’t evict without asking for their rental assistance. States and local governments need to withdraw their money urgently and can do so,” Deeds said.

The landlord also insisted on speeding up the distribution of rental assistance and opposed another extension of the moratorium.

As the deadline approached Saturday night, Pelosi urged Democrats to see how the money already allocated had been distributed in their states and provinces. She said the Treasury, which sent the money earlier this year, offered to a simple lawmaker later next week.

when Supreme Court voted 5-4 In late June, one of the majority, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, added, unless there was “clear and concrete congressional approval,” to allow a widespread ban on peasant evictions to continue until the end of July. Revealed to block the extension of.

The White House insisted that Biden wanted to extend the moratorium, but concerns remained about challenging the court. Doing so could lead to a ruling that limits the government’s ability to respond to future public health crises.

Democrats were nervous to draft a bill and collect votes while competing to respond to Biden’s announcement that Congress action was needed on Thursday. Waters has drafted a bill requiring the CDC to continue the ban until December 31st. At a hearing rushed Friday morning to consider the bill, she urged her colleagues to act.

In the end, Democrats had questions and concerns and couldn’t get support to extend the ban.

Washington Rep. Kathy McMorris Rogers, a top Republican on another committee dealing with the issue, said the Democratic bill was in a hurry and “this is not a legislative method.”

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Pelosi, Democrats Call on Biden to Extend Eviction | Domestic and Global

Source link Pelosi, Democrats Call on Biden to Extend Eviction | Domestic and Global

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