Peaceful protest before the enthusiastic school board

TOWAMENCIN — Dozens of residents gathered outside to express themselves peacefully before the verbal barrage began at the North Penn Schoolboard Meeting on Thursday.

“Welcome, taxpayers and patriots. We are all here to support God, our country, and our community,” said John Gannon of Upper Gwined.

Ganon, a veteran of the US Navy during the Vietnam War, was one of several speakers among the approximately 40 residents who gathered outside North Pen High School. Thursday nightTalk before Enthusiastic meeting It drew more than an hour of public comments from residents blaming the current school board on school books and COVID-19 policies.

Mr. Ganon has lived in the area for 71 years and has lived in his opinion that “what the current school board thinks is anti-American, anti-family, and poisonous to our community.” I wanted you to know.

Upper Gwined’s John Gannon, holding a microphone between the flags, has made a peaceful protest outside North Penn High School prior to the Board of Education meeting on Thursday, October 21, 2021 to the current Board of Education. I am against.

Tom Bourneman, Upper Gwined Republican CommissionGuided the group in prayer and gathered around the two American flags as district guards watched from the stairs in front of the high school.

“Thank you, precious God, this beautiful country, this country of freedom. You give our founders a wonderful land for freedom where people can live in the world without fear. Thank you for your wisdom, “he said.

“Thanks to all these people, these great patriots who came out tonight. Thank you for their courage, wisdom, and judgment, tonight, and in all of our things, you give us wisdom. I pray for guidance. We love all Americans, regardless of race, creed, or color. We love the love you have given us in our hearts. I thank you and pay tribute to you. Armen, “said Bourneman.

Before the speakers shared their thoughts, they played traditional songs such as “I’m proud to be an American,” “Glory, Glory, Hallelujah,” and “Are you the only one?” The group also said a pledge of allegiance at the beginning of the protest.

Bill Patchel, a resident of Montgomery Township and a long-time critic of the current school board, said, “I’ve been fighting all these people all this time, and now I see the people finally awake. I’m happy. “

When passers-by went to high school for the board, Patchel repeated a long list of criticisms of the board and incumbents running for reelection next week — Tina Stall, Christian Fusco, Jonathan Cassa, Al.・ Resh — Higher tax, Increasing number Staff retirement When Students graduating from face-to-face school For virtual instructions and board processing For Ashley Bennett, District manager Resigned in 2020 After the turmoil Facebook private post..

“What about the loss of freedom of speech? Ashley Bennett speaks on Facebook and expresses her own personal opinion. They enthusiastically resigned her, and now they are gag-ordered. How much did the “stall gang” have to pay? It’s ridiculous, “he said.

After Borneman and Gannon spoke, they handed the microphone to Republican Yanni Lambros. Landsdale Autonomous Region Parliament CandidateHe also shared his thoughts on the school board.

Yanni Rambros, a candidate for the Landsdale Autonomous Region Parliament, holds a microphone to the right in front of the flag and makes a peaceful protest outside North Pen High School prior to the Board of Education meeting on Thursday, October 21, 2021. Opposes the current board of education.

“I saw the school board sitting there and preached to everyone. Even if they preached equality, they didn’t consider us equal. Then they were parents and students. I don’t take my concerns seriously-unless it follows their agenda, “he said.

“I decided to run for the Landsdale Council and help all these different groups to regain freedom because we are not working for them. They are me. Neither mom nor dad, nor yours. They support the school, support parents, support the community, throw names at the stadium, swing money, and talk to people. I’m there, “said Rambros.

After that, I introduced Vicky Flannery, the local manager. Chapter “Mom for Freedom”After that, during a public comment by the school board, a few members warned about what to read, and a few “Let’s go to Brandon” Cheers from the crowd.

“We support all children, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation. We have the right to fight for all children and support them in school. Parents are best suited to the way they see, “she said.

The group then sang “God Bless America” ​​before heading to the school board.

Peaceful protest before the enthusiastic school board

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