Pay attention to issues that threaten American freedom


December 22 Reading Eagle The opinion page was really refreshing.

“A tough time for freedom of speech on US campuses” He showed that people were finally talking about the loss of rights to the First Amendment at the university.

It was refreshing “Progressive prosecutors under attack across the country.” It’s time for people to realize and speak about the loss of freedom of speech and the lawlessness that has become commonplace under the rule of progressive mobs.

We feel we have a fraudulent government that uses the FBI to silence opponents. Why doesn’t the FBI report evidence of Biden’s family corruption found on Hunter Biden’s laptop, especially evidence that his business is dealing with China? Why wasn’t he charged with lying to his pistol application, it would be a felony to anyone else.

What’s really hard to swallow is to realize what’s happening in our country: lawlessness and political corruption. Pay close attention to New York, which allows non-citizens to vote in local elections.
That is the reason for the open border to build the Democratic Party’s voting base. Then they are allowed to vote in all elections.

I pray to God that Americans awaken to what is happening in the world’s greatest, most prosperous, free nation.

Dottie Werner
Washington Township

Pay attention to issues that threaten American freedom

Source link Pay attention to issues that threaten American freedom

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