PatToomey’s amendment to the Burnpit Act may be voted this week.Veterans protesting late – wake-up call

Washington — On Tuesday, the US Senate may be on track to move forward with a bill that will provide health care and benefits to veterans exposed to toxic substances abroad. Legislative delay.

Senate Republican aides who discussed the ongoing talks in the background said on Monday morning that supporters expected at least 60 senators to vote to overcome filibuster during the vote on Tuesday. .. It will probably set a bill for a simple majority pass later this week.

It’s still unclear if there is another vote on the bill amendment promoted by Republican Senator Pat Toomey in Zionsville, Lehigh County.

Negotiations on Toomy’s amendment were underway on Monday, according to a Senate Republican aide.Measures taken by the Senate Voted 84-14 to pass JuneI got stuck last week After a group of 25 Republicans switch votes To prevent measures against Toomey’s concerns about how some of his spending is categorized.

Veterans’ organization accused those lawmakers He blocked the bill and called for support for it at a press conference on Thursday. Some Democrats also accused Republicans of anger switching votes after Senate Democrats unexpectedly announced a settlement bill that included prescription drug reforms, corporate tax cuts, and climate change initiatives.

Veterans have set alerts next to the Capitol to draw attention to the stalemate and encourage lawmakers to support the legislation. Veterans advocate and comedian Jon Stewart was harshly critical of Republicans who switched votes.

Senate leader Chuck Schumer said Thursday that he would hold a second procedural vote on the bill on Monday night to give Republicans another opportunity to support the bill and end the filibuster. rice field.

Schumaer also said he would vote on the 60-vote adoption criteria for Toomey’s proposed bill changes.

“We give Senator Toumi the right to submit his amendment and get a vote for it,” Schumaer said Thursday.

One question is whether you want to set a threshold for the adoption of the amendment with a simple majority vote instead of the 60 votes Schumer provided for consideration.

If the Senate changes the bill in any way, such as adopting the Toomy Amendment, you will need to return to the US House of Representatives, which is currently adjourned in August, for final approval. President Joe Biden is very supportive of the bill and is expected to sign it.

If Passed by parliamentThe bill, sponsored by Senator John Tester of the Democratic Party of Montana and Senator Jerry Moran of the Republican Kansas, addresses approximately 3.5 million veterans with illnesses that may have been caused by exposure to toxic substances. Provides medical care and benefits from the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Deploying.

This package allows veterans exposed to burn holes to benefit from medical care and other benefits without having to jump over the hoops to try to prove that their illness is related to their deployment. Help.

Burnpits were frequently used during the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, and Biden repeatedly called on Congress to address the short-term and long-term health consequences of veterans.

“Our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan faced many dangers,” Biden said in a March State of the Union address. “One was stationed at the base and inhaled toxic smoke from a’burn pit’that incinerates war waste (medical and dangerous goods, jet fuel, etc.). “

“When they returned, many of the best and most trained warriors in the world were never the same,” Biden added. “Headache. Numbness. Dizziness. Cancer that puts them in a flag-covered casket.”

Biden often cites burn holes as the reason his son Bo died of a brain tumor. In his speech, Biden said, “I’m not sure if the burn hole was the cause of his brain tumor,” but as much as possible “focused on finding everything” about how it has affected soldiers since deployment. I’m doing it. “

The law, in which the Senate is expected to vote again on Tuesday, guarantees the health care and interests of those veterans and prevents them from having to try to link their illness to toxic exposure.

It will also expand estimates of veterans exposed to defoliants, a chemical used by the US military during the Vietnam War. American Samoa, Cambodia, Guam, Johnston Atoll, Laos, and Thailand are all added to the list of places where veterans are presumed to have been exposed to chemicals.

Senate Initially voted to pass The overwhelmingly bipartisan 84-14-based bill in June had to be revoked because the US House of Representatives had to make technical changes to the bill.

The section that Toomey disagrees with was included in the bill when the US Senate first voted to approve the package. “The Department of Veterans Affairs has already been authorized to ensure that veterans receive this care if evidence establishes a connection to their services,” Toomy, who voted against the bill for the first time, said in a statement at the time. I have it. “

“Instead, the PACT Act goes far beyond, substituting parliamentary political judgment for available evidence, making unnecessary changes to long-standing budget rules, and making hundreds of billions of dollars for irrelevant purposes. Allows for additional spending. “

The procedural vote that failed last week’s bill was 55-42, but Schumer switched the vote from “yes” to “no” to make it easier to get the bill back.

Vermont Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy and West Virginia’s Joe Manchin III were absent last week, and Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski was also absent. Lisa has recovered from her hip fracture, and Manchin and Murkowski tested positive for COVID-19.

If all three lawmakers continue to support the bill back this week, bill supporters will upset one Republican to support the bill in order to get the 60 votes needed to overcome filibuster. Must be returned to.

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PatToomey’s amendment to the Burnpit Act may be voted this week.Veterans protesting late – wake-up call

Source link PatToomey’s amendment to the Burnpit Act may be voted this week.Veterans protesting late – wake-up call

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