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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (AP) — Voters from both parties elected a representative of Pennsylvania as a candidate for vice-governor on Tuesday, and some prominent Republican leaders at the General Assembly were involved in fierce competition.

The Republican Party elected state legislator Carrie Luis del Rosso in November and elected governor Doug Mastriano. The Democratic Party has been elected Governor’s candidate, Attorney General Josh Shapiro, and Deputy Commander of Congressman Austin Davis.

Del Rosso, who was in his first term at the General Assembly, won the nine-candidate race, but Davis easily defeated state legislator Brian Simms. Brian Simms’ vigorous campaign failed to overcome Shapiro’s support for Davis. Both Del Rosso and Davis are from Allegheny County.

A resident of McKeesport, Davis has been the state’s representative since 2018 and is a former executive assistant to the prominent elected Democratic Party of Japan, Executive Rich Fitzgerald of Allegheny County. DelRosso is a member of the former Autonomous Region Council, which operates public affairs and marketing companies.

In Pennsylvania, candidates for governor and vice-governor do not pair in the first vote, but run as tickets in the fall.

The Vice-Governor is the chair of the Amnesty Commission and chairs the State Senate during the session.

With votes still being counted late Tuesday, Republican chairs of the strong spending committees of both Houses are in a very fierce competition between Senator Pat Browne of Lehi County and Stan Sailor of York County. Was there.

Another veteran Republican from York County, Keith Gillespie, was also involved in the close dispute.

In another highly competitive primary, state legislator Summerly, D-Allegheny, strangled with lawyer Steve Irwin for an open parliamentary seat in the Pittsburgh area.

Voters in Pennsylvania on Tuesday also cast ballots in the 17-seat primary. The state delegation to the US House of Representatives was 18 (9 Democrats and 9 Republicans) before one delegation was lost due to the number of censuses in 2020.

In the State Capitol, three races fought each other for incumbents in the district where the main winners are likely to take the oath of office in January.

Congressman Perry Stanbo, northwest of Harrisburg, was well ahead of Congressman Jonathan Hershey in the Republican primary. Republican Ryan Mackenzie, southwest of Allentown, had a big lead on Gary’s day. And in Philadelphia, democratic Chris Love won the Primary against Congressman Isabella Fitzgerald.

Parties select state legislators as lieutenant government candidates – thereporteronline

Source link Parties select state legislators as lieutenant government candidates – thereporteronline

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