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Parliamentarians need to act urgently on child sexual abuse bills

For a very long time, victims of child sexual abuse have been waiting for the opportunity to sue the whistleblower, even long after the abuse occurred.

Mark Lozzi, a Democrat of the Mullenberg Township and a victim of child sexual abuse, has filed a civil suit against people who have been sexually abused as children since joining parliament nearly a decade ago. We have proposed a bill to establish a window to wake up. Responsible person.

With significant bipartisan support in both UN General Assembly rooms, it’s intriguingly approaching to see the light of day, but resistance by the Republican leaders of the State Senate has prevented it from being achieved. rice field.

Governor Tom Wolfe is currently trying to break the log jam.

Wolf, who joined Lozzi and other victims of abuse last week, held a press conference at the Capitol, and if lawmakers fail to enact Lozzi’s law by the end of June, a special session of Congress this summer. I vowed to convene. I need a state budget.

Harrisburg’s Republican leaders didn’t seem to be swayed by the Wolf threat. That’s not surprising. Wolf has the power to call a special session, but that doesn’t mean that lawmakers have to do what he wants them to do.

The best thing Wolf’s latest move is likely to achieve is to bring the matter back to the forefront and stimulate enough public pressure to convince rebellious lawmakers that it’s probably time to pass the law. ..

The strange thing about this situation is that the minority Democrats are not trying to enact legislation against the firm opposition of the Republicans. After all, the bill passed the House of Representatives with 149-52 votes and the Senate Judiciary Committee with 11-3 votes. Bipartisanism at that level is extremely rare in Harrisburg on these major issues.

The long-standing problem was that Republican Senate leaders didn’t want the bill to be fully voted, and they had the power to make sure it wasn’t. bottom.

Opponents of Rozzi’s legislation argue that enacting a constitutional amendment is the preferred route to achieve the desired changes in the law, as it limits legal opposition by the defendants in the proceedings.

The law to enact such amendments has been approved, but it is a slow process. The amendment must be approved by the House of Representatives and the Senate at two consecutive legislative meetings before it can be submitted to voters. Due to the State Department’s negligence, the action was revoked from the ballot in 2021, further delaying the process. The earliest possible time before voters is 2023.

I agree with Wolf and Rozzi that this issue needs to be addressed more quickly. It’s already taking too long.

“While the victims are denied justice, the Senate refuses to even vote, and the compensation needed to receive potentially life-saving mental health treatments is not conscientious,” Lozzi said. ..

He also puts their discussions before the Senate if Senate leaders are concerned about the constitutionality of his bill, rather than letting lawmakers have a say, who is right? Correctly stated that it should be decided.

We allow Senate leaders to bring the bill to vote as soon as possible, and urge members of that agency to follow the guidance of colleagues in the House and send it to the Governor.

It is a tragedy that we continue to return to this point. We pay great respect to Lozzi’s tenacity in trying to achieve this after many years of setbacks.

This is more than justice for those who have been abused in the past. It is to prevent future generations of children from being abused by exposing predators that have not yet been uncovered.

Parliamentarians should give victims the opportunity to hear and compensate as soon as possible, and not miss yet another opportunity to potentially stop future tragedy.

Parliamentarians need to act urgently on child sexual abuse bills

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