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As summer approaches, life appears to be returning to normal during this pandemic. OvalXP aims to regain some of it and provide people with a place to go somewhere throughout the summer.

Starting this month, Philadelphia will be able to enjoy the all-new Oval XP at Eakins Oval in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The Oval will officially open on June 16th and will run until August 21st. From Wednesday to Sunday, Oval XP provides locals and visitors with entertainment, food, drinks and events for all ages. Oval has Philadelphia’s largest beer garden, mobile Ferris wheel and carousel.

Located on eight acres of land, Oval XP is a concept previously attempted by Philadelphia’s parks and recreation, but moved to a virtual environment during a pandemic. This year, they worked with Wawa Welcome America and Our People Entertainment to bring this idea to fruition. This time it’s bigger and better. Will Horrocks, co-founder and owner of People Entertainment, is thrilled to see his efforts in brotherhood finally bear fruit. This is the first time his company has produced Oval XP, and there are plenty of exciting things coming up this summer.

Horrocks started drinking vans at concert venues and turned to Wawa Welcome America’s production assistant 10 years ago to play an active part in the event industry. People Entertainment is currently producing Wawa Welcome America and was commissioned to create the Oval XP Experience through close ties with Wawa and the City of Philadelphia.

“We came up with this concept. We worked on it for months. We went back and forth between the cities to understand what fits and what doesn’t. At the top of both lists. What we had was to create a festive experience that cost less than $ 500 and lasted less than three days, “Horrocks said.

Enjoying Oval XP is free, and there are only a few things that require a fee, such as food, drinks, and entertainment.

Oval XP is an urban oasis created for foodies, music lovers, wellness addicts, art lovers, families, creatives and festival fans. There are murals and art that are freely exhibited. Oval XP features an expanded 33,000-square-foot ground mural “Common Ground” by artist Calo Rosa. Rosa was born in San Salvador and is now a living and working artist in Philadelphia. Mural Arts Philadelphia has also enhanced the space with public art to bring the community together.

There is a brand new summer stage with a 32’x24’foot stage that hosts a variety of music shows and concerts.

“Philadelphia is very special. Here in Philadelphia there is an incredible niche. There is a group of people who organize themselves and do great programming together. Already in the community and Individuals who have already created this programming will be able to spend thousands of dollars to host events and make space for them with louder voices, bigger stages, or more access. “I did,” says Horrocks.

Events, performances and programming on that stage will invigorate the creative economy and unleash the talent Philadelphia must offer.

During the summer, the stage is constantly programmed and you can download the app to see what’s happening every day on OvalXP. The app also allows you to buy tickets for non-free events such as the Ferris wheel, and buy food and drink in the beer garden. The beer garden is approximately 60,000 square feet of outdoor space with multiple bars and seating options. Run by Philadelphia’s Milkboy, there is a small stage that welcomes local comedians, spoken words and acoustic artists.

The family also has space in Oval XP. OvalXP’s Imagination Space hosts events for children. The imagination space offers a variety of free events such as reading fairy tales, arts, crafts, music lessons and children’s performances. Next to the imagination space, guests can ride the carousel. There are also some games and interactive activities.

For more information, please visit: Follow @theovalphl on social media to find out how to download the app and hear first about dozens of upcoming announcements during the summer.

Parkway’s Oval Event Space is back! | Lifestyle

Source link Parkway’s Oval Event Space is back! | Lifestyle

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