Parkland and Bethlehem Catholic win gold medal – wake-up call

A new individual champion was crowned at the end of the District 11 Doubles Tennis Tournament at Parkland High School on Wednesday.

Both Bethlehem Catholic Armand McWana and Parkland’s Danzo Rotarev have made numerous district finals in both singles and doubles, but never won a gold medal until Wednesday.

As the third seeded team in the 2A draw, McWana and teammate Anthony Butinsky overturned Moravian Academy’s Wilmenikeli-Ford Koch top seed 6-1 and 6-3 in the final.

Later, Zorotarev teamed up with fellow senior Fyodor Dosto to make their last district tournament memorable. Top-seeded Trojan duo played relentless tennis on their way to defeating second-placed Shayaan and Roman Farhad of Liberty 6-2, 6-3.

The Trojan and Golden Hawks will advance to the PIAA Double Tournament at the Hershey Racket Club on Memorial Day weekend.

Now that the district tennis event has officially ended this spring, a rare statistic: different Lee High Valley schools have won titles in each of the six tournaments.

Liberty and Central Catholics won the team event, Freedom and Sokon Valley won singles titles, and Parkland and Bethlehem Catholics won gold medals in doubles.

It was clear that the talented McWanna was the most skilled player on the court in the 2A final.

Junior exhibited various shots. And while McWana was impressed, his partner Butinsky backed him up with incredible hustle and well-placed ground strokes.

McWana Butinsky, who won second place in last year’s tournament, showed a wonderful chemistry that sets him apart from the rest of the field. The Golden Hawk duo wasn’t on the verge of dropping the set through the tournament.

“It’s an incredible feeling and I’m happy to finally get it done,” McWana said. “We played aggressively online. I think it really helped us.”

Butinsky, who is also good on the soccer field and the kicker of Bekahi’s soccer team, was just as ecstatic as his teammates.

“I don’t feel like that. I was more confident in my game and started believing that I was on the same court. [Menichelli and Koch]”Buchinsky said. “Up to this moment, I had a great week of practice and I was confident.”

The Golden Hawks won the semi-finals in a fairly routine way with 2nd place Tim Spinosa-Central Catholic Charles Long, 6-3, 6-3.

Menichelli-Koch also broke through the semi-finals when they defeated Bangor’s No. 5 Gavin Andreeko-Dylan Beleno 6-2, 6-2.

A familiar opponent took the court on the other side of Zolotarev-D’Souza in the 3A final.

Brother Farhad has had some success against Parkland in previous tournaments. In last year’s final, Shayaan Farhad teamed up with Anthony Ronca to knock off Zolotarev-D’Souza with three sets of thrillers. Shayan also defeated Zorotarev at a team event last week.

This time the Trojan was not rejected and the day was simply a good team.

Zolotarev-D’Souza jumped on most of Liberty’s ground strokes and was dominant on the net.

These factors, along with motivated thinking, allowed Trojan horses to outperform hurricane counterparts and clinched gold.

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“This was a long-awaited event,” Zorotarev said of his first non-team district title. “I couldn’t imagine doing this with anyone other than Fyodor. Last week it was a burden and Liberty is a tough team. I think both teams played very well today.”

For D’Souza, it was a redemption shot after missing all of last week’s district team tournaments.

“This means the world to me. I’m proud to be back and team up with Dan to win the district title,” said Dosouza. “Parkland Tennis means the world to us and it’s great to represent this team.”

After a brief disappointment in the first set of the semi-finals, Zorotarev-Dinesh defeated Southern Lee High’s 4th Spencer Goodman-Harrison Clark 5-7, 6-2, 6-1.

In the other 3A semifinals, Farhads knocked off Stroudsburg’s No. 3 John Willis-Jackson Kozma 6-4, 6-2.

Dante Terenzio is a freelancer for The Morning Call.

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Parkland and Bethlehem Catholic win gold medal – wake-up call

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