Parents Discuss Wolf’s Maskman Date | Local News

Kenwood — For the second straight week, Pensmanner’s parents and residents have opposed the Maskman Date, which came into force by Governor Tom Wolf’s administration earlier this week.

Husband and wife made a long statement during Thursday night public comments, some of which should vote for the school board to disapprove of the mission that came into effect on Tuesday, Wolf and Deputy Health Secretary Allison. Suggested that it should be issued by Beam.

“We are talking about our children, our future,” said Matthew Rhapso. “You guys don’t raise them, we raise them.”

The discussion, which lasted about 90 minutes, reflected comments from last week’s board committee.

“It was always sick and unhealthy that was quarantined,” Jennifer Rhapso said this week.

She said she returned home ill every day last year after her children wore masks.

“They had a terrible headache because they couldn’t breathe,” said Mrs. Rhapso.

The petition is being circulated.

“We already had nearly 300 names to help keep the mask optional,” said Dr. Lisa Casey.

Another resident said his son circulated a petition signed by 40 of his classmates.

The often angry round trip was accompanied by comments on the chat board adjacent to the YouTube streaming of the meeting.

“I have a child who burns his lungs and throat when he wears a mask by the end of the day,” Lucille Shilling posted. “He was born three weeks early and his lungs were underdeveloped.”

Some of the other comments urged the district webmasters to advise: “Personal attacks in this chat room are unacceptable. All comments must be respected or you may be kicked out of the room.”

A resident of the Pennsmanner area, who was the manager of another district but had not talked about his role, said the board was tied up and was personally responsible if he refused to serve the state. You may face a loss of protection for your sovereign immunity.

“We need to address our concerns to those who can change what we are trying to change,” said Jody Rainey.

Ronald Saffron, a solicitor in the Pennsmanner area, said the district would recommend following state orders until the court ruled otherwise.

It could occur in federal court on Thursday, where the proceedings were filed by State Senate Chairman Pro Tempoa Jake Corman, R-Center. State Congressman Jesse Topper, R-Bedford; Two Private Christian Schools. Parents of the Butler and Slippery Rock area school districts in Butler County, and the Wyomissing Area school district in Berks County.

“During the summer, Governor Wolf and Deputy Minister of Health Beam insisted on being able to make these decisions at the local level based on the best available data,” Corman said on August 31. I did. If he doesn’t like the school district choice, he’ll flop now. “

Until the court ruled Corman’s proceedings, Saffron said: It doesn’t matter if we agree or disagree with it. “

There are exceptions, as the Governor and the Minister of Health pointed out in turn. One is that “wearing a face cover while working is dangerous to operate equipment or perform tasks as required by local, state, or federal regulatory agencies or workplace safety guidelines. The condition will occur. “

Another reason is “when wearing a face cover exacerbates an existing condition, including respiratory problems, mental health, or disability that may cause or interfere with breathing.”

The Wolf administration also emphasized that “all alternatives to face covers, including the use of face shields, should be exhausted before individuals are excluded from this order.”

Parents Discuss Wolf’s Maskman Date | Local News

Source link Parents Discuss Wolf’s Maskman Date | Local News

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