Parental requests for LGTBQ student information rank districts. The juvenile training crisis needs a solution. Villanova wins Big East title

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Winter will last another day (at least in terms of temperature) for that beloved life. Expect temperatures to reach around 40 degrees Celsius before successfully warming up this week.

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Requests for information about Westchester LGTBQ students raise concerns

Some parents as residents of the West Chester Area School District asked to provide information about LGBTQ students at the school, and national discussions about gender identity and school-age children appear to have surfaced in Chester. Was wondering and upset. county. In an interview last week, one parent said of the request, “I can’t trust what the information does.” “And I don’t think it’s anyone’s job. It’s a process that can snowball.”

Authorities say medical needs are increasing, despite the declining population of Berks County prisons

The population of Berks County Prison may be declining, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there is less work to do. Todd Haskins, Chief Operating Officer of PrimeCare Medical, painted pictures of changing landscapes in prisons like Bern Township. PrimeCare has managed the medical care of prisoners in prison for over 30 years.

Montgomery County’s “Emergency Food Network Provider” application window opens

The Montgomery County Commissioner first glimpsed a new initiative designed to strengthen the county’s food infrastructure and combat hunger. According to a county spokesperson, infrastructure has been allocated $ 2 to $ 3 million to increase the food storage capacity of institutions that combat food insecurity in Montgomery County.

Delaware County authorities are looking for a solution to the juvenile training school crisis

Members of the Delaware County Council rebuild the juvenile criminal’s abilities a year after the juvenile detention center was closed, as young people are being released to the community due to lack of space elsewhere. He said it might be time to start. When considering adding juvenile training options, county council member Christine Reuther said: Make sure your juvenile detention center license has been renewed here in Delaware County in terms of creating containment capacity for juveniles. “

A Norristown man sentenced to life imprisonment for his role in a deadly burglary

The judge described the case as “the tragic consequences of drugs and guns,” sentenced a man in Norristown to life imprisonment, and added to his role in a deadly burglary in the autonomous region. Worked on imprisonment. “This case is another example of the tragic consequences of drugs and guns. Judge Wendy Demtic Alloy of Montgomery County sentenced murderer Justin M. Mitchell, who was convicted on Friday, to life imprisonment. , Sentenced to life imprisonment in connection with January .. 23, 2019, Ralph Williams in his house of 500 blocks on Cherry Street, an invasion robbery of a house that ended in 66 gun murders.


Union takes care of the business to give Jim Curtin his 100th victory

The point of the Union’s ascending curve in MLS comes where the club has just the right teams and the teams that are easy to handle at home. So it was Saturday night, a promise that the Union had successfully fulfilled. Corey Burke and Daniel Gazdag’s goals on both sides of the half-time extended the undefeated run of the union to three games and the season began. Jim Curtin scored his 100th MLS victory, beating San Jose Earthquakes 2-0.

Toohey: It’s okay with Villanova after New York smashes one after another

Many people hate it, like it or not, but Big East still goes through Villanova. Sure, Providence won the title of the regular season for the first time in the history of the program, but some might say that the championship is a bit polluted because the monks couldn’t beat the Wildcats. .. Once for COVID. Villanova, DePaul and Butler were the only teams to play the entire league schedule of 20 games in the league. In addition, Villanova won the regular season title in just 15 league games last year. Wildcats didn’t play Xavier or Depole last season and faced UConn only once while Clayton played all 20 league games.


Lucky You’s Milkshake captivates your taste buds with a blend of local Basets vanilla ice cream and shake sugar cookies (and garnish). The festive mug is framed with icing marshmallows and lucky charms, topped with whipped cream, chocolate gold coins, Irish potatoes, lucky charm marshmallows and additional themed sugar cookies.

There are many March Madness and St. Patrick’s Day specials in the area

It’s time for warmer weather, NCAA tournaments for college basketball to take over the weekend, and St. Patrick’s Day to make everyone a little Irish. So, to make it even more fun, here are some things around the area.

Parental requests for LGTBQ student information rank districts. The juvenile training crisis needs a solution. Villanova wins Big East title

Source link Parental requests for LGTBQ student information rank districts. The juvenile training crisis needs a solution. Villanova wins Big East title

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