Panthers cruise with 4-0 start in the second half | Sports

Davisville — When the Panthers defeated the Indians at 42-17 on their return night, River Valley, running back to Angelo Bartolini, recorded a 237-yard rush and four touchdowns.

“This team’s efforts are unrealistic,” said River Valley coach Jess Hauser after the newly formed team improved to 4-0. “They bring it to every game. You can’t ask for anything else to be the first year head coach.”

Bartolini made two 56-yard rush touchdowns in the first half, paired with another 33-yard score. He hit 177 yards with only 10 carries in the first half.

“He does it every week,” said his flagship Hauser. “Once we move him, we can’t stop him. Other players just eat it. It was great today.”

Tony Penna, junior coach of Connectamau Township, said he knew what challenges River Valley run games would bring.

“Bartolini is a very special kid,” said Pena Jr. … if you want to win a soccer match, you need to be able to stop running. That is what we are not very successful at. I am happy with the efforts of the children, but I need to do better. “

The River Valley defense was forced to make a total of four turnovers, including three fumbles, one returned 37 yards for a touchdown by defensive lineman Bradley Miller. Conemaugh Township (1-3) did not play on Panthers’ territory in the second half.

River Valley (4-0) led just 4, 21-17 at the beginning of the third quarter, but the drive, which broke the clock for more than six minutes and ended with a five-yard TD run in Bartolini, It gained momentum. ..

After the Panthers made a two-score game, the Indians lost three fumbles on three straight possessions.

Konemau Township quarterback Tanner Shirley finished 9 out of 14 times, 138 yards, 2 touchdowns and passcuts.

He collapsed with a lower leg injury in a minute to play in the first half. Shirley returned in the third quarter, but the injured were hit hard by losing fumble in the second half after finishing only two times at 15 yards.

“If you flip the ball over, you can’t win the game,” Pena said. “We were a little faded. We weren’t healthy because Tanner popped there. You want to keep it wide open, but we protect him. I wasn’t … it was a very rough second half. It wasn’t an effort, it was just a run. “

Ethan Black, a junior wide receiver, caught three passes with 59 yards and two touchdowns. He made a spectacular 30-yard TD grab behind the end zone, putting the Indians in the score in the second half of the first half. Senior playmaker Jackson Buyer caught three passes in the first half 65 yards, but was held without a catch in the second half.

River Valley will host the Purchase Line next week.

Panthers cruise with 4-0 start in the second half | Sports

Source link Panthers cruise with 4-0 start in the second half | Sports

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