Paczewski wins the highest honor in D2 qualifying

Exeta-Dallas Logan Pachevsky birded the first playoff hole at the Foxhill Country Club on Monday, severing ties with Jonathan Joseph in the Hazelton area and at the Wyoming Valley Conference Qualifying Tournament’s Second District Individual Golf Championship. Finished as a Class 3A Men’s Medalist.

On October 5, a total of 37 players (16 boys in class 3A, 14 boys in class 2A, 5 girls in class 2A and 2 boys in class 2A) will return to Foxhill. The 3A Women’s Tournament will be a District 2-4 Subregional, including William Sports.

Other medalists were Cael Ropietski on Lake Lehmann, Hallie Brown on Tunkhannock, and Isabelle Seratch on the Hazleton Area.

A girl qualified by achieving a goal score of 100 or higher.

The boys had a designated number of spots as long as they shot more than 93 shots. The WVC shot over 89 in Class 2A and filled all these spots with players who needed a playoff among 86 players to resolve the last spot in Class 3A.

Karl Petcha in the Pittston area and Isaac Saul of Crestwood had a par in the first playoff hole to pass the four-way playoffs of the last two Class 3A spots.

Ropietski led the 75th class 2A boy.

Nick Wyoming Seminary’s Nick Werner made the second strokeback.

Cael’s brother, Eli Ropietski, finished third in what is considered a league event at 77, but unlike others who beat 90 in Class 2A, he doesn’t play in state tournaments. The Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association has determined that he is ineligible for this year’s postseason play due to his junior status as a transfer student from Holy Redeemer.

Brown defeated Kyleen McCann in the Hanover area with two strokes in Class 2A and shot 80 to lead all the female players.

He cellached Shot 94 in Class 3A and defeated his only other qualifying teammate, Ella Oswald, in one shot.

Qualified person of district 2

Class 3A Boys: Logan Paczewski, Dallas, 73; Jonathan Joseph, Hazelton Area, 73; Jacob Pazelmo, Hazelton Area, 75; Liam Frace, Wyoming Valley West 78; Max Steinruck, Dallas 80; Zack Valleschi, Pittston Area 81; Kyle Langan, Dallas 81; Tommy Biscotti, Crestwood 84; Owen Brasic, Crestwood 84; Ryan Tomas, Dallas 84; Ryan Steele, Berwick 84; Connor Matteo, Hazelton Area 85; Sean Murphy, Berwick 85; Ray Joseph, Crestwood 85; Karl Pecha, Pittston Area, 86; Isaac Saul, Crestwood 86.

Class 2A Boys: Cael Ropietski, Ray Kleeman 75; Nick Werner, Wyoming Seminary 76; Nick Schiel, Hanover Area 79; Mike Sholtis, Ray Kleeman 79; Michael Lugiano, Ray Kleeman 82; Joe Maseychik, Ray Kleeman 82; Thomas Mayernick, MMI Preparation 83; Zack Murphy, Hanover Area 84; Hayden Blanc, Hannover Area 87; Chuckie Weidner, Lake Leeman 87; Alex Martin, Holy Redeemer 88; Tom Iskra, Wyoming Seminary 89; Alex Noone, Wyoming Area 89; Ashton Ciel, Hanover Area 89.

Class 3A Girl: Isabelle Seratch, Hazleton Area 94; Ella Oswald, Hazleton Area 95.

Class 2A girl: Harry Brown, Tankanock 80; Kyleen McCance, Hanover Area 82; Kyleen Zareski, Tankanock 96; Abbey Bayer, Lake Lehman 99; Adriana Gentile, Tankanock 90.

Paczewski wins the highest honor in D2 qualifying

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