Pa.Senate Republicans will proceed with five amendments, including voter ID and abortion

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Voters may be asked to consider five important amendments to the Pennsylvania Constitution as early as spring. This includes those that require you to present your ID each time you vote, and those that claim that the state charter does not protect access to abortion.

The state Senate passed 28-22 after a controversial late-night debate that spilled over Friday morning. Omnibus resolution.. A Democrat, State Senator Lisa Boscola of Northampton County, supported the move. Two Republicans, Senator Lisa Baker of Luzerne County and Dan Laughlin of Erie County, voted against it.

Senate Republicans succeeded in adding the word of abortion to the package on Thursday as lawmakers worked to get past a late budget.

The State Capitol continued with 107-92 votes around 10 pm on Friday after several hours of debate. When they entered the room, lawmakers faced the cry of abortion access protesters.

The five proposed amendments could be sent to Pennsylvania voters as soon as spring 2023.

  • The State Constitution declares that it does not grant any rights related to abortion, including the right to public funds for proceedings.
  • You will be asked for a government-issued ID to vote.
  • Requests auditors to audit the elections.
  • Allows candidates for governor of each major party to choose their running mate instead of having a separate primary association for the vice-governor.
  • Expand the power of the General Assembly to deny regulation.

Voting continues efforts by legislative Republicans Use constitutional amendment Promote policy goals such as restricting access to abortion and strengthening election law without the consent of Democratic Governor Tom Wolfe, who regularly uses veto pens.

The constitutional amendment must pass through the Legislature and the Senate twice in a row. Both chambers of commerce will need to pass the bill again during the 2023-24 session in order to send the proposed amendment to voters.

Each proposed amendment will be displayed individually on the ballot.

Republicans in favor of polls, arguing that the proposal would empower voters. Tighter voter ID law When Against public funds For abortion.

The latter is a top priority for Republicans concerned about the case filed by the State Supreme Court. 8 abortion providersYou can order a state Medicaid program to cover the procedure.

Republican lawmakers argued Friday that the proposed abortion amendment would not ban the procedure or change current state law. But legal experts, Including ACLU in PennsylvaniaWe believe that by removing the legal basis for challenging such law in state courts, we will lay the groundwork for additional restrictions or total bans.

From now on, state legislators and judges will play an important role in determining the right to abortion after the US Supreme Court. Defeated Roe. v.WadeAbolish the constitutional guarantee of the procedure and give each state the authority to establish an abortion law.

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Republican lawmakers said sending questions about abortion and election management to voters would give power to Pennsylvania citizens.

“Pennsylvania people should have a say on the issues they feel strongly,” Senator Judy Ward of R-Blair said during a floor debate on Friday morning.

Republican Governor candidate Doug Mastriano, Senator R-Franklin, added: I don’t necessarily like it, but people have to choose. “

Democrats argued that Republicans are not willing to give priority to voters, not voters supported by the minority. Democratic senators tried to add some amendments, such as a ban on offensive weapons, rights to privacy, restrictions on election funds, and the elimination of property taxes, but were blocked by the Republican Party.

Republicans in the State Capitol also blocked the Democratic amendment on Friday.

“It’s very unpleasant because I think so,” said Senate minority leader Jay Costa, D-Allegheny. It’s not important to Democrats, it’s important to us. “

More than 12 people appeared on Friday to hear their voice a few months before the potential referendum.

50-year-old Lee Chow, who lives in Cumberland County, becomes a member of parliament with the chanting of “shame” and “banning our body” as state legislators shuffle from committee meetings to the floor. He was one of the people who greeted me. Chow has been joined by two members of the Philadelphia City Council and a managing director of the state’s planned custody politics department.

“When things are down to the state level, it’s when we start to step up and we need to make sure we’re paying attention,” Chow said. “If they can slip through something like this at 11 o’clock last night when we’re all sleeping, it’s clearly a sign that they don’t want to do it in the sun.”

The proposed constitutional amendment can be sent to voters during the election, even in primaries with low turnout. Since 1968, when the current Pennsylvania Constitution came into force, voters have rejected only six of the 49 amendments they received.

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Pa.Senate Republicans will proceed with five amendments, including voter ID and abortion

Source link Pa.Senate Republicans will proceed with five amendments, including voter ID and abortion

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