PA Online Gambling Breaks Record for Revenue in One Year

Online gambling has seen its biggest year yet in Pennsylvania, smashing previous records in the 2020 fiscal year. Running counter to physical gambling, which saw a downturn in the same timeframe, the implications of this success in PA could indicate a shift in direction in the state’s gambling patterns. Acting as a greater part of online casino success, however, drawing direct predictions is complicated in what is a broad but still developing market.

A Developed Marketplace

As just one illustration of a much larger online casino market, the industry in PA is not too different from what is available in other states. With many of the best performing PA online gambling sites at online-gambling.com, this market includes a varied range of casino services, each offering different selections of games and features. Bolstered by welcome bonuses like free spins and deposit matches, almost all of these websites are freely accessible in any other state. So, how well did these succeed in PA in the last year, and what could be the cause?

By the Numbers

According to details on Fox43.com, online casino revenue in PA in the 2020 fiscal year reached $3.9 billion. This surpassed the prior 2018 record by 17%, and 2019’s revenue by 40%. This pattern is consistent with the general upward trend that online casinos have enjoyed since their inception in 1997. Still far from reaching a natural plateau, it’s likely that the 2020s will see last year’s record broken at least once before the decade is out.

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More contradictory to the success of online casinos in PA in 2020 is the significant decrease experienced by the physical casino market in the same timeframe. In total, US physical casino market revenue saw a 31.3% decrease in 2020, bringing it to a total of $30 billion as noted by forbes.com. As a result of global factors, this decrease isn’t likely to persist.

Reasons for Success

There are multiple reasons why 2020 was the most profitable year for PA online gambling yet, most of which relate to the growing popularity of online casinos in conjunction with expanding mobile device ubiquity. As an industry, online casinos have been on a constant uptick even since the late ’90s. Avoiding the dot-com crash that claimed so many others, casinos over the years have kept pace with evolving technology, constantly offering gamblers new experiences not easily or at all possible in physical locations.

Likely the best illustration of this concept in action comes from slot games, which make up the majority of online casino titles. Unlike physical casinos, in which machines are clunky and difficult to design, software flexibility and low data size have made it common for major websites to easily offer hundreds of individual slots. Including bonus systems broader than anything physical machines can offer, the constant arrival of new slots has acted as a major driving force for new players.

Acting in parallel to greater supply is the greater demand made possible through the expanding ubiquity of mobile devices. From a point where mobiles were a luxury, their current status as a necessity has consistently created a growing player base, as we explain at pennsylvanianewstoday.com.

It’s not just the fact that more people own mobiles than ever either, as the success of online casinos is also owed to how we use them. Far from the basic text and calling communication devices they started as, users are increasingly turning to mobiles as their primary form of internet access. With major manufacturers like Apple releasing new products like those we explore at pennsylvanianewstoday.com all the time, a move away from traditional desktop internet access is slowly becoming the status quo.

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Together, the growing number of games offered by online casinos and the increasing ease of access have made the expansion of online casinos somewhat of an inevitability. While online systems are still a long way from challenging the centuries-long market dominance of physical casinos, this might not always be the case. Years like 2020 have made great strides in proving the reliability and preferability of digital systems, and as we step evermore into the online age, these forms of interaction are only likely to become more popular.

As for what these implications could be for the physical market, this much is still in question. Though the success of online casinos is essentially guaranteed, the appeal of physical casinos is not something entirely replicable by the digital experience. For this reason, it’s probable both arms of the market will continually exist, though if this relationship will be harmonious remains to be seen.

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