Pa. Drops plans to spend $ 1.2 billion on services for Medicaid recipients.Tuesday coffee

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Democratic Party Wolf administration It says it wants to spend $ 1.2 billion American rescue law Funding to enhance home and community-based services provided throughout the state Medicaid All programs are aimed at giving more federal residents access to services closer to their homes.

On Monday, the administration withdrew formal details of its plans to direct federal relief money to the elderly and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities. In a statement, the government stated adults dealing with behavioral health needs such as substance abuse disorders and mental illness, and children with chronic and complex medical needs.

Money is also used to deal with the recruitment and retention of staff — obviously Pay attention to the concerns of industry supporters They say they are dealing with a staffing crisis in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic.

so November 10 op-Ed for the Capital-Star, Industry executives Gary BlumentalWith an adult brother with autism in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, $ 5 billion in unused federal stimulus to help stop what he described as an imminent collapse of the state’s intellectual disability system. Called on the legislators and the administration to immerse themselves in.

“Obviously, the collapse of the ID / A system with average sales of over 40% due to poverty wages in state funding is just a type of crisis,” guarantees that state reserves will be leveraged. increase. Blumental I have written.

In the statement wolf The planned federal cash infusion is an “irreplaceable investment” as the state “has been rebuilding since the difficult two years” and “[normalize] When [advance] Services and support for Pennsylvanians. “

Governor Tom Wolf is talking to the media. On Tuesday, Governor Tom Wolf joined state legislators and members of the LGBTQIA + community to reintroduce justice law. Fair law is a bipartisan law that extends the non-discrimination provisions of state law to protect against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender expression or identity. (Photo of Commonwealth Media Service).

In that statement, the administration said the money would also be used for payments:

  • “Increased access to home and community-based services
  • “Providing the supplies necessary to safely promote services
  • “Additional training and learning opportunities with workforce support
  • “Supporting families who care for loved ones
  • “Improvement of functional ability of persons with disabilities
  • “Enhanced migration support”, and
  • “Home and community-based service capacity development.”

Stimulation package approved by Congress and signed by law President Joe BidenThe government said in a statement that it would increase the federal share of certain home-based and community-based care programs paid through Medicaid, a joint state and federal program, by 10 percent per year.

The state must then reinvest savings from federal funding injections to enhance, enhance, or expand these services, the government said in a statement.

NS Wolf administration First, in June I gave an outline of how I wanted to spend my money.Still requires final approval from the federal government Medicare and Medicaid Service Center, Manage federal programs.

It was not immediately clear whether the plan also required legislative approval. NS Capital star Reaching out to Wolf administration For comments.

“This enhanced funding is an opportunity for us to invest in them as they invest in their communities and the people they serve.” State Department Secretary of Health and Welfare Meg Sneed Said.

By email to Capital star, Blumental, Vice President of Service Provider InVision Human ServicesThere are three locations throughout the state, which called money a good start, but said he needed to do more. He also emphasized pending federal approval.

“To achieve everything [Wolf’s] Purposes and other needs to access this fund American rescue plan Dollar and State Revenues ” Blumental Said.

Pennsylvania Capitol. (Photo of Capital Star by Kathy Mirror.)


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Free hockey rink on Tuesday
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Pa. Drops plans to spend $ 1.2 billion on services for Medicaid recipients.Tuesday coffee

Source link Pa. Drops plans to spend $ 1.2 billion on services for Medicaid recipients.Tuesday coffee

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