Ozzy Osbourne releases new album in September | Music

Ozzy Osbourne will release a new album in October.

“Paranoid” rocker confirmed last month that he finished recording a follow-up to “Ordinary Man” in 2020, and 73-year-old singer’s wife Sharon Osbourne can hear it to fans in just a few seconds. A few months of time.

Regarding the “Graham Norton Radio Show,” she said: “He’s great. He’s really really great. He completed another album to be released in September.

“He’s busy in the studio. He still sings all the writing and singing, and that keeps him really happy … he never stops singing and writing.

“We built him a big studio here [at the house in the UK], So he can do it all at home. And to be honest with you, he can’t wait to come back. “

Ozzy made fun of completing the record just a few weeks ago.

He wrote on Instagram: In the next few weeks “

However, according to Sony’s financial statements, it was originally scheduled to be released at the end of April.

Last December, producer and guitarist Andrew Watt was in the middle of a new album by Guns N’Roses’ Duff McKagan, musician Eric Clapton, Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready, the late Taylor Hawkins, and Chad Smith. Announced that. Red Hot Chili Pepper.

Along with his music, Ozzy collaborated with Bono, Bruce Springsteen and Elton John to carry out a “stand up for Ukraine” campaign for world citizens and “amplify the call” to support the development of the humanitarian crisis. Did.

Ozzy writes: “We support Ukraine. We ask everyone who sees this to amplify this call. Post yourself, share a video from an activist, or this video. Share. To stand up for Ukraine and help refugees. “

Ozzy Osbourne releases new album in September | Music

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