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Westchester — A high-profile first-class murder that has been postponed several times since the defendant’s arrest in 2018 is set to begin on Monday.

The lawyer’s opening statement in the case of Hakeem Smith is scheduled last week in front of a jury elected before Judge Patrick Carmody of Common Pleas. Smith has been accused of the death of a man in Lancaster County who allegedly carjacked an SUV.

“In this case, I’m tired of playing games,” Carmody said in February, when the trial continued. Prior to the jury selection, he was being tried only to break the matter.

“A delay in justice is a denial of justice,” Carmody said. “I turned backwards to try this as soon as possible,” but a defense request forced me to continue. “Once you choose the date, try this case as soon as possible.”

Oxford’s Smith, 33, was murdered, robbed, and stolen once, twice, and three times when he killed his 31-year-old single parent Sam Algarin, 31, on September 13, 2018. He was charged with illegal possession of firearms.Quarryville, who worked for many years at a car dealership in the Oxford area

Algarin attended a martial arts class with his mother and two sons on the night of his death, bought a pizza for dinner, and then left his car after work, Starbucks on Limestone Road outside the autonomous region. Was dropped off at.

According to officials at the time, Algarin planned to meet his mother and son for a late dinner at his mother’s house after being dropped off in the car, but he didn’t. Shortly after he was dropped into his car, Smith was reportedly seen in a video surveillance video driving the GMC Terrain in Algarin.

Algarin’s corpse was found beside Limestone Road in Westfarrow Field at around 11:25 pm. Investigators said he died from a gunshot wound in his chest. His car, wallet and phone were all missing.

The discovery of Algarin’s body triggered an intensive 24-hour, several-day investigation by Chester County detectives, Westfarrowfield police, and multiple support agencies. Police said they eventually found Smith’s video in an Algarin car minutes after the murder. Police reportedly had Smith’s palm print on the abandoned vehicle, a fingerprint on the victim’s phone, and were abandoned in a field along the road about two miles from where the victim’s body was. rice field.

Police checked videos of nearby companies, checked for hours of recordings, and then recorded Smith’s appearance in the store at 9:46 pm on the night of the alleged stolen car murder. I found a video of the store. Investigators said this was minutes after the victim’s mother dropped the victim at Starbucks.

According to investigators, the video showed Smith being unfamiliar with the vehicle, not knowing which side the petrol tank was on, and not knowing how to open the petrol tank. According to investigators, he bought $ 8 worth of petrol and a phone charger.

Police recovered the victim’s car in Westtown three days later. According to DA’s office, the vehicle was abandoned and deliberately wiped, but police shed blood on the driver’s and driver’s seatbelt harnesses. Police also reportedly found Smith’s palm print on one of the door windows.

Smith was discovered on the streets on September 18, 2018 by Westchester police officers in the autonomous region. Smith fled to a nearby residence, but later surrendered to the Westchester SWAT team and was detained.

Carlos Baraza, senior deputy district attorney, is leading the prosecution. Exton’s lawyer, Brian McCarthy, represents Smith.

To contact staff writer Michael P. Rerahan, call 610-696-1544.

Oxford Men’s Often Delayed Murder Trial Begins Monday – Daily Local

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