Oxford man tried for assault of police officer

OXFORD — This week, an indictment was filed against an Oxford man who assaulted and threatened police officers.

Martin Aguilar-Ledesma, 23, was detained in all nine criminal charges against him, including exacerbation of assault on police officers. At a preliminary hearing in Oxford this week. He was transferred directly to Chester County Prison.

At 9:23 pm on May 31, 2021, the Oxford Police Station was dispatched to the intersection of Lincoln Street and Chase Street for a man standing in the middle of the roadway and blocking traffic. The suspect was later identified as Aguilar-Ledesma.

When police officers approached, police said Aguilar-Ledesma had fled on foot to hide in the backyard of Lincoln Street, 400 blocks. Upon being discovered, Aguilar-Ledesma began shouting “FBI” and ignored some legitimate police orders.

After resisting the arrest, police officers deployed taser guns to subdue Aguilar Redesma. When detained, Aguilar Redesma threatened three times, “You’re going to kill the boy,” and then thrust his head into another police officer in his head.

Until the preliminary hearing, Aguilar-Ledesma was on bail.

Oxford man tried for assault of police officer

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