Over 200 Offshore Wind Turbines Approved on the New Jersey Coast – NBC10 Philadelphia

New Jersey paved the way for hundreds of wind turbines off the state’s coast in the coming years with 2,658 MW of offshore wind approval on Wednesday.

Two wind projects have been approved, providing enough electricity for 1.1 million households, officials said.

The approval will be added to the 1,100 MW already approved by the Public Utility Commission of New Jersey, which announced the approval of the new project at a special meeting. New Jersey currently approves more offshore wind than any other state.

The two projects are a 110-turbine wind farm by Atlantic Shores owned by European utilities Shell New Energies US and EDF Renewables North America, and an 82-turbine wind farm by Ørsted called Ocean Wind 2.

The Atlantic Shores farm is about 10.5 miles from the coast of the coastal town north of Atlantic City. Ørsted’s Ocean Wind 2 is about 14 miles from Cape May.

However, a huge amount of power still needs to pass federal permits and overcome potential hurdles such as fishing and proceedings from coastal areas. Neither offshore wind farm is scheduled to begin construction by mid-2023 at the earliest, and the two latest projects are not expected to be online by 2027 at the earliest.

Governor Phil Murphy is one of the country’s strongest supporters of offshore wind. “Core strategy” To pull the country away from fossil fuels.He set Aggressive goal of 7,500 MW of offshore wind power by 2035..

Over the next few years, we expect three more solicitations and project approvals.

The first award of 2019 was given to Ørsted and its Ocean Wind 1 project. We are planning 92 turbines off Cape May and southern New Jersey. Produces 1,100 megawatts. The wind farm is currently the second in the queue for federal offshore wind projects. May Biden administration approval of vineyard farm Off Massachusetts.Ocean Wind Expected to be federal approved By June 2023.

Offshore Wind Farm: Lease Area and Developer

The 17 federal rental areas are off the coast of eight states in the United States. Click on each lease site to see the expected or estimated number of turbines, the developers to which they belong, and the amount of power generated. Turbine totals are estimated based on developer suggestions or using the power generated by the largest turbines currently on the market.

The latest ratings for New Jersey bids are Ørsted and 2 horse races it includes Ocean Wind 2 bids. Atlantic ShoresOwns, 183,000 acres of rental area off the coast of Atlantic City and Long Beach Island..

According to a spokeswoman for the company, Atlantic Shores submitted several proposals of different sizes, the largest of which was to provide 2,300 megawatts of energy.

BPU has approved Atlantic Shores to build 1,509 MW. Officials said the project will use a 13.6 MW turbine.

BPU has approved Ocean Wind2 to build 1,148 MW. Officials said the project would use a 14-megawatt turbine.

The bid was not open to the public and both companies refused to provide more specific information about the proposal. In a statement earlier this month, Atlantic Shores commercial director Jorisfeldhofen said developers are looking forward to announcing the BPU at a conference later this month.

Rising height of offshore wind turbines

Sea wind turbines are much larger than the land version that dominates landscapes in places like the Midwestern United States. Comparing the size of General Electric’s 12MW Hariade X, the largest turbine on the market, with some well-known structures:

“Through ongoing development efforts since 2018, we have been directly connected to the communities promoted by the project and key stakeholders such as commercial and recreational fishermen, trade union workers and major academic institutions.” Feldhofen said. “Our project will supply renewable energy to up to 1 million households, invest millions of dollars in local workers and major academic institutions, and enable a new offshore wind farm based in New Jersey. , New Jersey is the national leader in the green economy.”

Other states, from North Carolina to Massachusetts, are also considering offshore projects to power hundreds of thousands of homes.Until The 17 projects currently being proposed or under consideration off the east coast require more than 1,500 Eiffel Tower sized turbines...

Offshore wind turbines are getting bigger and bigger, as the scientists and companies behind the project say that the bigger the technology, the more efficient it is. The largest 12-megawatt turbine currently on the market, planned for future development in the United States, can power a house for two days with a single rotation of the blade.

Proponents of offshore wind farms say they need to replace more polluted power sources such as coal and gas, but commercial fishermen such as New Jersey and New England have thousands of turbines on the Mid-Atlantic coast. It is said that it threatens the life of.

It also remains unclear how many thousands of turbines will affect the Mid-Atlantic stratification process. “Cold pool,” Natural processes that affect seawater temperature and wildlife.

Atlantic Shores this week Fund a $ 500,000 study on offshore wind farms and how climate change affects clams On the Mid-Atlantic coast. The clam industry is one of the most valuable American fisheries.

Over 200 Offshore Wind Turbines Approved on the New Jersey Coast – NBC10 Philadelphia

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