Orwigsburg sharing COVID relief fund with local groups

Funding from the American Rescue Planning Act, which is the result of the COVID-19 pandemic, is a bonus for Orwigsburg nonprofits.

The Orwigsburg Borough Council has announced that it will share a portion of its $ 154,492 ARPA funding with senior citizens ($ 1,000), food banks (undecided), Orwigsburg Historical Society ($ 11,000), Orwigsburg Library ($ 15,000), and Orwigsburg Fire. Decided. Department ($ 35,000). These amounts represent the sum of annual and ARPA funding. The remaining funds will be used for autonomous region infrastructure projects.

Police record

Police chief Vince McDonald reported 195 cases in the autonomous region in September. These included nine reportable crimes. McDonald’s has informed the council that a body cam has been received and officers will be trained in November on usage. Two police officers will participate in DARE training in the last two weeks of October.

Autonomous region project

ARRO Engineering’s Dave Walasavage reported that the autonomous region received a $ 819,441 Appalachia Regional Commission grant for infrastructure reconstruction and repaving of industrial drives. The autonomous region is waiting for a kick-off meeting with PennsDOT and ARC.

The final payment for the renovation of the borough hall was approved by Congress for $ 7,560.20.

A pre-construction meeting was held on the week of September 26 to discuss pavement restrictions and placements on Douglas, Mifflin, Straub, Lehi Avenue, Elb Street and Lee Court. Work began in the week of October 11th.

Autonomous region workers conducted exploratory drilling on Wayne and Mifflin streets, deciding that the work was out of their capacity and that the project should be tendered.

Attorney Paul Datte is 119 S. Liberty St, owned by Glenn Franz. Notified the council that the demolition of the property was delayed. Demolition is currently starting in early November and is expected to be completed by November 30. Another Franz-owned property, 100 E. Market St., has been removed from the sheriff’s sale. The description is not published.

Benesch Engineering’s Chris Bentz reported that he would bid for the construction of the Veterans Memorial by November 3. Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) grants will be used to renovate the kitchen and complete the Veterans Memorial. With new additions.

A request from BLQ, the entity involved in the development of the old gas station on W. Market Street, requested an additional 90 days extension.
Water and sewage project

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Entech Engineering’s Bryon Killian has been working with MONHOO staff to inventory the borough’s homes in preparation for a lead and copper service line replacement that needs to be completed by August 2024.
Sewer grout injection and lining from Long Avenue to Warren Street has been completed. A field survey of the Marshall Drive Sewerage Exchange Project has been completed. Entech is working on a draft coordination with the autonomous region and will soon apply for a permit.

Community event

From October 22nd to 23rd, an electronics recycling event will be held on Long Avenue between 9am and 2pm.

The annual Halloween Parade will take place on Wednesday, October 27th, at 7pm. The rainy day is October 28th.

Trick or Treat will be held in the Autonomous Region from 6 pm on October 31st

Orwigsburg sharing COVID relief fund with local groups

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