Orwigsburg Council updates public about the project

The Orwigsburg Borough Council met on October 6th to announce the latest information on many projects underway in the community.

Attorney Paul Datte told MEI Demo and Excavation, Inc. about the dismantling of 119 S. Liberty St. Notified the council that a notice of continuation was issued. This property is a blamed home that has been annoying in the community for over a year. Demolition was scheduled to begin this week, but there were too many projects and MEI asked for an extension.

Autonomous Region manager Randi Miller reported that a pre-construction meeting was held to discuss the pavement placement of Douglas, Mifflin, Straub, Lehi Avenue, Elb Street and Lee Court.

The stormwater projects on Wayne Street and Mifflin Street have been postponed because exploratory excavations have determined that the project is more involved than previously expected.

A field survey and basic drawings for replacing the sewerage of Marshall Drive have been completed. The autonomous region will consider and submit a permit based on the coordination agreement.

The project will continue on Long Avenue Culvert. The old culvert is in the process of being removed and is equipped with riprap, a permanent layer of stone used to stabilize the soil and protect it from erosion. The new Culvert grout and lining is complete. ARRO Engineering of Owigsburg leads the project.

For other projects, the Council will consider zoning ordinances on historic buildings after the planning and zoning committee meeting on October 20.

Cooperation agreement

Solicitor Datte reported that he was in contact with Northmanheim Township to develop an intergovernmental cooperation agreement ordinance. It will provide shared services that transcend local government boundaries. Currently, the autonomous region has a gentlemen’s agreement with West Brunswick Township.

At the request of the Working Woodlands Conservation Program, Miller has received three timber bids and will bid at the next meeting. Working Woodland aims to improve the management of privately owned forests, provide income to forest landowners and combat climate change while protecting critical forests.

American rescue plan

The autonomous region received a total of $ 308,000 through the US Rescue Program. The funds will be distributed to the autonomous regions at 50% this year and 50% in 2022. Council Chair Rick Bubeck is the Historical Society, Orwigsburg Library, St. John’s Food Pantry, Senior Citizens Group and Orwigsburg Fire Company. The council will vote at the next meeting to approve the funding.

The Autonomous Region received a $ 819,441 Appalachia Regional Commission grant for work on an industrial drive. Once the budget is finalized, a kick-off meeting with PennsDOT and ARC will be scheduled.

Upcoming events

The Owigsburg Halloween Parade is scheduled for Wednesday, October 27th at 7pm. The rainy day is October 28th. The Trick or Treat will take place on Sunday, October 31st, from 6pm to 8pm in the Autonomous Region. The rainy day is November 1st.

Orwigsburg Council updates public about the project

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