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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 1, Episode 6 of Ordinary Joe, “Always Do the Right Thing.”]

Ordinary Joe It continues to provide the twists and turns that other network dramas want, and the latest episode, “Always Do the Right,” is no exception.

In installments, police officer Joe (James walk) Move to defeat Bobby Diaz (Adam Rodriguez) Due to the misuse of political funds, Nurse Joe suffers from unexpected visits from single parents and family, and musician Joe faces the weight of knowing about his long-deceased son, The right way.

The drama was certainly raised a few notches in the musician’s timeline, as the shootings seemed to kill Bobby and leave Amy behind (Natalie Martinez) Bleeding when Joe tries to hold it together. And it’s not reassuring that Uncle Frank (David Warshofsky) first appeared on Nurse Joe’s timeline, as his dirty appearance suggests the hardships of the homeless.

And the teasing of series star James Wolk is just the beginning. Many will come out. Below, he breaks down the biggest twists and turns of the episode.

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This episode has many shocking revelations, from Uncle Frank’s fate on Nurse Joe’s timeline to Bobby’s shooting on Musician Joe’s timeline. What was the most shocking thing when reading the script?

James Wolk: I’m often surprised by what comes out, but it’s actually fun. I don’t want to learn on the day. But it’s great to know when I read the script. One of my favorite twists is Frank’s revelation and what he experienced in the nurse world. [that] Blew my heart away. It was very interesting to me. And, moreover, when I saw him in hair and makeup, and what they could do with him.

Yes, it was wild. I thought someone was trying to break in and hurt Joe and Chris (John Gluck).

It’s cool? It was the biggest exposure I’ve ever had. I love it. And there’s more, but I think this is a really special episode. A lot of things are happening. The various Bobby Diaz stories in Episode 6 are all fascinating. And I love things like Joe taking care of him, becoming his nurse in one world, literally appearing in his house and arresting him in another. I love playing with the theme of the Multiverse like that.

Normal Joe Season 1 Elizabeth Lail

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Bobby is estimated to have been shot and died on the musician’s timeline. Does Amy feel pressured to reveal a one-night position with him now that Joe has shared that he isn’t having an affair? Is he just trying to connect with his long-deceased son Zeek?

The audience needs to pay attention. As we move forward, it will definitely weigh on her. And obviously, both of them have their own secrets. Whenever you have a secret in marriage, it can really influence it. It will test their marriage, it is certain.

Is Joe trying to connect with his son via social media to prepare for trouble and additional heartache?

I think so. I think his feeling is that he is definitely making the most of his heart. Sieg has a family, Joe has a wife, Jenny (Elizabeth Lail) I have a family. There are so many things that he risks connecting with him in this very unorthodox way. That’s one of Music Joe’s biggest challenges, and he’s a little selfish. He isn’t thinking about all the other players in this scenario.

Ordinary Joe Season 1 Natalie Martinez and James Wolk

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Policeman Joe put his uncle Frank at potential risk by chasing Bobby in this episode. How is it going to test moving their relationship forward?

Well, Frank was like Joe’s father, and he’s a kind of raised Joe. He persuaded Joe to be a cop and loves Joe … but at the same time Frank raised him and his dad raised him to make the right choice. And he makes a choice that is probably more in line with what Frank and his dad morally want from him. But it will hit his own uncle and emphasize the relationship. Joe Frank’s relationship is the father-son relationship in our story, which will challenge it. Frank is a wagon rider, but barely. And now Joe is throwing a lot at him. So you’ll see Frank start having his own struggle in that storyline as well.

What about his relationship with Amy now that Bobby has been arrested?

I think Amy’s relationship with Joe is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ones, at least when we first see it, especially when compared to the conflict Joe has in his nurse’s story and music story. increase. Overall, I think that’s what we like, but it gets complicated. Amy is directly involved with Joe. He makes choices against his uncle, and Amy is a very small part of it. And it will not only affect the relationship between Joe and Frank, but it will also affect the relationship between Joe and Amy. So it’s very light at first, but as in all other cases, it’s more complicated.

While Jenny continued her law in Atlanta, Nurse Joe wrestled with single-parent Chris. Do you think he is a disguise blessing that Uncle Frank arrived at that last moment?

As you can see, I think the history of the family who tried to help Frank is very long. But then, for some reason, it didn’t work. And I think Joe is the last hope. And again, Joe considered him a father, and you don’t just give up on such people. So Joe certainly won’t make his life easier, but I think he feels it’s all about his family. He puts his family first, so he will try to help his uncle.

What else are fans looking forward to as the season begins?

Along with Amy and her political career, some great things have emerged. You can also see some really exciting things by pursuing the law with Jenny. We’ll be starting the story of other characters, so I hope you’ll see it … I’ll meet other members of the family I’ve never met before. Therefore, new characters will be introduced in episodes 7 and 8. Everyone is excited to see the world become richer.

Ordinary Joe, Monday, 10 / 9c, NBC

“Ordinary Joe”: James Wolk Analyzes Show’s Latest Twists and Turns | Entertainment News

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