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Andrew Benintendi listens. The Yankees’ new outfielder denied reports that he had discussed the vaccination situation with the team before the deal with the Royals was signed. Benintendi, one of the 10 Royals players who couldn’t play against the Blue Jays in Toronto because he hadn’t been vaccinated against the coronavirus, said the first day was just about to settle down.

“Now, that is, I’m still in the same place. I’m open-minded about it. Benintendi played against the Royals at Yankee Stadium before the opening round of the series on Thursday night.” But now I’m here and I’m focused on getting to know other people and winning baseball games. “

Benintendi is the first move the Yankees need to start winning the game again. They entered the four-game series, and the Royals lost 14-15 in the last 15 out of 10 and in the last 29.

They want him to win the American League East and become the majority of them in the World Series. This includes the possibility of a three-game series and a playoff series in Toronto at the end of September. Unvaccinated players are not allowed to travel to Canada. The Yankees had the entire roster at the previous two stops.

“I haven’t done that yet,” said Yankees manager Aaron Boone, who had discussed the vaccine with Benintendi. “I cross the bridge as needed, but I’m not talking.”

Instead, Boone was about shuffling his lineup and figuring out how to use the All-Star.

Benintendi took the lead on Thursday night and played with the left fielder. He won the Yankees 1-0 against the Royals at Yankee Stadium, 0-4.

“The guy tested in the championship battle clearly played an important role in the 18-year Red Sox. He was an important figure for them,” Boone said. “He’s in the All-Star caliber season. A guy with a high on-base percentage and a good on-base percentage. A good defender with a left fielder. I’m really excited to add him to the mix. He makes us more versatile. And I think it gives us a little more balance. I think he can hit different parts of our lineup. I think he has a chance to be perfect for us. “

The left-handed outfielder is a more complete player than Joey Gallo, who the Yankees won at the last trading deadline. The move, supported by the analytics department for his strength and on-base percentage, proved to be a mistake in a year. In 138 games, Garo hit .160 / .293/371 with 25 home runs and .664 OPS. With 498 at bats, Garo had 77 walks and recorded 191 at bats.

Garo joined the lineup Thursday night, but the Yankees were shopping to offload him before the 6 pm closing deadline for MLB on Tuesday. Boone said he has been open and honest with Garo since the deal was signed, but that’s part of the game.

From now on, Benintendi will play mainly with the left fielder and the judges will play with the right fielder. Aaron Hicks was a center fielder on Thursday night and could have more shifts as the judges played with the right fielder, but when Giancarlo Stanton, who was on the left Achilles tendonitis injured list, returned. It can also affect his playing time.

“So again, there will be competition for play time, etc., but we will try to put everyone in the best possible position to give them a good chance every night,” Boone said.

Benintendi gives the Yankees a better shot more aggressively than the suddenly restricted Garo. He will hit .320 / .387 / .398 with three home runs and 39 RBIs in 93 games this season against the Royals. Contact left-wing Benintendi was able to increase these power numbers with a short right-wing hand pouch at Yankee Stadium. He has hit seven home runs here at Yankee Stadium in 38 games between the Royals and the Red Sox.

Benintendi said he would rely on his experience as the Red Sox here, but after half a season with the Royals, Benintendi’s swing was a little different.

“I think playing in Boston prepared me for this atmosphere. Of course I played a lot of games here, so I’m looking forward to coming back there and playing on the other side.” Said Benintendi. “When it comes to my swing, Kauffman Stadium is a pretty big and big stadium and it’s hard for a guy like me to do one from there. So hitting really more line drives, the base Just focus on riding and just taking what they gave me. “


“Open-minded” Andrew Benintendi discusses vaccination status with the Yankees – Reading Eagle

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