Ontelony Township apartment planning clears zoning hurdles

The Ontelaunee Township Zoning Hearing Board has approved the proposed zoning differences for apartments in Township.

1025 Berkshire LP, the developer of Wyomissing, which owns and manages about 20 apartments in Pennsylvania, plans to develop an apartment community on 27.47 acres of 24 Loose Lane.

The plan includes 10 three-story apartments on land, including a dog park, clubhouse, pool, basketball and tennis courts.

Township zoning currently requires apartments to be 160 feet or less in length, but according to township officials, developers need 162.33 feet to stick to the development model.

The developers only released a preliminary sketch on Tuesday, but Zona confirmed the difference on Tuesday with a 2.33 foot extension.

The number of apartments proposed is unknown at this preliminary stage.

Further state and local approval will be required in the coming months.

In the meantime, the area already contains double-decker single-family homes with multiple ancillary structures.

According to Township Secretary and Treasurer Kim Berger, the developers will clean up the existing building.

Berger didn’t know when the developers would start the proposed project.

Ontelony Township apartment planning clears zoning hurdles

Source link Ontelony Township apartment planning clears zoning hurdles

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