Online marketplace wins with anti-counterfeiting fix

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— Parliamentary Consensus: Senators are uniting behind a recent house version of the law aimed at cleaning up online marketplaces. The bill is also backed by platforms such as Amazon and Etsy.

— Stalled invoice: Major legislation is declining at Hill as lawmakers handle infrastructure and social spending packages, but both can get a final vote right away today.

— Transatlantic Connection: European lawmakers landed in Washington this week to meet with US officials. Here are their takeaways.

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NDAA Correction Alert — The Internet Marketplace has won a significant concession in the latest version of the House Act to crack down on counterfeit goods online. Currently, the Senate is following.

Thursday, Sens. Dick derbin (D-Ill.) And Bill Cassidy (R-La.) Said he submitted a house version of the INFORMATION Consumer Law. HR 5502 (117)As an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that must be passed — a big victory for online marketplaces. Housetext, introduced last month, secured support for the same Amazon, eBay, and Etsy platforms after they opposed previous Senate versions of the bill.

“Our fix guarantees a baseline level of transparency for online marketplaces like Amazon,” Durbin said in a statement. He added that the latest version of the bill was the result of months of bipartisan negotiations.

— What has changed? Online marketplace previously Resisted legislative efforts To crack down on counterfeit goods, they have already invested money to tackle the problem and said the proposed fix would burden sellers on their platform. However, recent house version changes include the addition of languages ​​that anticipate the state’s passage of its own anti-counterfeiting legislation and the reduction of data collection requirements to verify the identity of sellers. Won them..

One warning: Blog post announcing Amazon support In the bill, Brian Hughesman, vice president of public policy at the company, said, “There are several areas in the bill that can be improved,” and Amazon talks with lawmakers on how to “strengthen” the bill. He said he intends to continue. Amazon did not respond to requests for comment on what those areas are. )

— Not on Durbin’s watch: Democrats in Illinois said at a Senate judicial hearing this week that they were unwilling to accept further changes to the anti-counterfeit bill.he Amazon accused of undermining legislation He urged lawmakers not to make any further concessions.

“The proposals they have made over the years do not strengthen the bill, but strengthen Amazon’s hand in avoiding it,” he said. “I’m not going to wait any longer and see this submerged in water. I need to move on to this.”

The legislative delay is at the edge of everyone — Bipartisan infrastructure contracts (which the Senate has already passed) and Democratic party social spending packages (which they don’t). The omission of the two packages slowed the development of other legislation with key technical provisions. Here’s a summary of what’s still in flux:

— US Innovation and Competition Law: Senate leader Chuck Schumer He joined a choir of lawmakers calling on the House of Representatives to pass a bill to make America more competitive with China. S. 1260 (117)He added that it helps ease the constraints of the supply chain. “The Senate passed [USICA] To help the United States deal with supply chain issues that are competing with other countries and delaying the delivery of critical products to small businesses and families, “he told reporters Thursday. “The house needs to go through [it] now. “

But Schumer may be disappointed. Architects of the bill’s house counterparts have confirmed this week that they will move forward with their own packaging, rather than just handing over a version of the Senate. That could mean further delays on the way to President Joe Biden’s desk as lawmakers dispute whether to include a climate clause in the House bill and a trade compromise in the Senate bill.

“We are considering negotiations,” said House Foreign Affairs Chairman. Gregory Meeks (DN.Y.) Said on Tuesday. “Some of the very important things in our package aren’t in the Senate package and need to be there.”

— NDAA: Senate Republicans Criticism of lobbying Slowly walk the annual defense bill with Schumer, S.2792 (117), And the Chairman of the House Military Commission Adam smith (D-Wash.) Also expressed his frustration this week. The house version that passed in September Numerous technical and telecommunications modifications It is related to problems from semiconductors to 5G. The same can happen with the Senate version (as seen in the Durbin and Cassidy fixes), but it’s still undecided while waiting for most of those fixes to be rolled in.

— Biden’s Twin Bill: And, of course, infrastructure and social spending bills remain in flux.Democratic senior leader Calling for votes on both bills today, Next week my house will be closed. The package is packed with technology and telecommunications priorities, including billions of dollars for broadband financing and billions of dollars for antitrust enforcement.

Check-in with Europeans — This week, a delegation of European parliamentarians gathered in Washington to meet with White House officials, the State and Commerce Department, and members of parliament. Many cross-Atlantic technology issues, such as data flow and global semiconductor shortages, continue to be talked about.

— Transatlantic Update: Bernd Lange, chair of the European Parliament’s International Trade Commission, said his delegation addressed a wide range of issues, from supply chain concerns and semiconductors to strategies for China and the US-Europe Trade Technology Council. Stated. He said the council’s second meeting could be in May or June, and lawmakers on both sides of the Atlantic were more involved in the debate, even informally, at the next high-level meeting. He added that he wanted to attend. (The first event was held at the ministerial level in Pittsburgh earlier this year.)

He also said he felt “more forgiving to discuss the issue” from the US side than when he last visited Washington in July. “The door is wide open …. We can discuss constructively about the divergent position.”

— Come with us with AI: “We come from two different regulatory cultures, but it’s encouraging to share the same goals,” said Dragoș Tudorache, chair of the AI ​​Committee, in a meeting with U.S. officials. I told Stolton. He added that he wants close ties with the United States on how to regulate AI. This is one of the focal points of the Trade Technology Council.

— Other Global News: The Biden administration is considering launching a global alliance aimed at promoting Internet freedom, called the “Alliance for the Future of the Internet.” The alliance could be part of Biden’s well-proclaimed democracy summit, focusing on issues such as data privacy, cybersecurity and technology platform regulation. POLITICO Nahal Toosi Report..

Approved House of Representatives — On Thursday, the House of Representatives passed the E-BRIDGE Act, HR 3193 (117)This will make it easier for rural areas and poor communities to carry out broadband projects through grants from the Department of Economic Development. The Senate has not yet acted on the bipartisan companion bill, S. 1695 (117), Introduced in May.

— And more coming? House Energy and Commerce Commissioner focused on Wednesday’s telecommunications Subcommittee markup The negotiations were underway to advance several other measures, including a bill from E & C ranking members. Kathy McMorris Rogers (R-Wash.), HR 5028 (117), This tells the FCC to investigate the feasibility of the 911 fault warning system. The Democrats were initially scheduled to vote on the bill this week, but said recent opposition from the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities meant that the bill had to be discussed further first.

Allison patch He is currently Senior Director of Communications at Virgin Orbit. She was previously Director of International Affairs at APCO Worldwide. … Emily coil I participate in Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney as a principal. She was previously Senior Director at SAP and Head of Cybersecurity and Privacy Policy in the United States.

NS We And that England Announced plans for further cooperation About quantum information science and technology through collaboration between federal agencies and industry representatives.

NetChoice It was started Retail is everywhere The initiative “emphasizes the competitiveness and robustness of the retail industry.”

Different approach: The approach that DOJ antitrust candidate Jonathan Kanter is taking to hire his best agent diverges from FTC Chairman Lina Khan regarding antitrust enforcement. Can provide clues about what to do. Through information..

need improvement: “The Pentagon and the state lack the” technical capabilities “to detect” Stingray “telephone surveillance, Senator says. ” Other works in Gizmodo..

Antitrastagram: Facebook is facing a new antitrust proceeding from the deceased photo startup Phhhoto. NYT report..

ICYMI: “Verizon, AT & T, postponed 5G deployment after warning that FAA could damage aircraft.” POLITICO’s Oriana Pawlyk Report..

Shut down. FTC Approved the final order It is an anti-competitive practice to require Broadcom to end what the agency has decided on.

Local news available: The city council of Alexandria, Virginia, will pursue Comcast’s Internet monopoly. ALX Now Report..

Open letter: “Spotify investors need to oppose harmful speech recognition patents.” Access Now from Digital Rights Group..

Measurement: Technology industry association Prompted to the Department of Commerce To properly protect sensitive corporate data collected in connection with semiconductor supply chain risks.

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Online marketplace wins with anti-counterfeiting fix

Source link Online marketplace wins with anti-counterfeiting fix

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