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On the anniversary of his death, a gunshot was heard near Floyd Square | Domestic and World

Minneapolis (AP) — The intersection of Minneapolis, where George Floyd died, was destroyed by shooting on Tuesday. It was hours before it became the venue for a family-friendly street festival to commemorate his death anniversary by police.

The Associated Press video from the scene showed that people were running and asking for a cover when the shot rang. A police spokesman did not immediately respond to the message asking for comment.

Journalist Philip Crowther, who was filming a live video from Chicago on the 38th, reported hearing as many as 30 gunshots on the eastern block of the intersection. According to Mr. Clauser, the window in front of the store seems to have been broken by a bullet.

“Things went back to normal very quickly,” Crowther said. “The organizer, who spends a lot of time here, ran around asking,” Does anyone need a doctor? ” I don’t seem to be injured. “

Police said they had responded to reports of firing at around 10:10 am at 3800 blocks on Elliott Avenue South. The caller told police that the vehicle was seen speeding out of the area.

Shortly thereafter, someone went to Abbott Northwest Hospital with a gunshot wound. Victims were taken to Hennepin County Medical Center and injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. It was not immediately clear if the person was injured in a shooting near George Floyd Square.

The intersection is barricaded right after George Floyd’s death And It quickly became a monument — and was also a challenging place for cities that police officers did not always welcome.

Informally called George Floyd Square, he transformed into an open-air festival on Tuesday on his death anniversary, with a long list of food, children’s activities, and musical performers.

“We’re going to turn mourning into a dance,” tweeted rapper Nur-D. “We will celebrate the power of 365 days in the face of injustice.”

Floyd, 46, a black man, died on Memorial Day 2020. At that time-Policeman Derek Chauvin He knelt on his neck and fixed him to the ground for about nine and a half minutes. Caucasian Chauvin, Convicted of murder last month And we are facing the June 25 ruling. The other three dismissed police officers are still facing trial.

The “Rise and Remember George Floyd” celebration, which includes candlelight vigil at 8 pm, concludes a few days of march, rally, and panel discussion about his death and where America is facing racism.

Many members of the Floyd family will call their families after Chauvin’s verdict on Tuesday in Washington, DC to attend a personal meeting with President Joe Biden, who promised to continue fighting for racial justice. It’s a schedule.

Floyd’s family lawyer Ben Crump said Biden wants to update his support. Police reform named after George Floyd It will ban strangler figs and knock-free police attacks and create a national register for police officers who have been disciplined for serious illegal activity.

“It’s time to act,” Crump told CNN on Tuesday. “Do not just talk.”

Floyd’s brother Philonis, who appears alongside Crump, said he “always” thinks of George.

“My sister called me at 12 o’clock last night and said,’This is the day our brother left us,'” he added. I think it’s moving slowly, but it’s progressing. “

Nur-D, whose real name is Matt Allen, often traveled to the streets of Minneapolis a few days after Floyd’s death to provide medical assistance to protesters who were shot dead or gassed in a police confrontation. He finally founded Justice Frontline Aid, an organization to support safe protests.

He described last year as “as we have lived in one for 20 years,” and people were “honest and real one” at a place informally known as George Floyd Square at a celebration on Tuesday. I wanted to feel “experience”.

“If you are angry, you may be angry. If you are sad, you may be sad,” Nur-D said in a follow-up interview. “If you’re delighted with the verdict, feel like a step in the right direction, and want to celebrate it, do that too.”

This event was hosted by George Floyd Global Memorial. Angela Harrellson, Floyd’s aunt and board member, said the organization has a stockpile of 3,000 items surrounding Floyd’s death, including artwork left in the square, some of which are in the pop-up gallery. Said to display.

Separately, the Floyd family has launched a fund to subsidize nearby businesses and community organizations where he died, and a wide range of grants that “promote the success and growth of black citizens and community harmony.” Announced. Money comes from $ 500,000 allocated as part of the city’s $ 27 million civil settlement for the Floyd family earlier this year.

The event at George Floyd Square was scheduled to start at 1pm. At the same time, Governor Tim Walz asked Minnesotan to remain silent in honor of Floyd. Waltz wanted the moment to last 9 minutes and 29 seconds. This is the length of time the prosecutor says Chauvin kneeled on Floyd’s neck.

The Waltz Declaration states that Chauvin’s conviction was a step in the right direction. “But our work to dismantle systematic racism and discrimination is not over. George Floyd’s true justice is the real thing to prevent such an act from happening again. It is only brought about by systematic changes, if all members of all communities are safe, valuable and protected, regardless of race. “


Find AP’s full coverage of George Floyd’s death below:

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On the anniversary of his death, a gunshot was heard near Floyd Square | Domestic and World

Source link On the anniversary of his death, a gunshot was heard near Floyd Square | Domestic and World

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