Olivia Rodrigo “cares” about the clothes she wears | Entertainment News

Olivia Rodrigo “cares” about what she wears on her body and doesn’t wear anything that isn’t “comfortable.”

Good 4 U hit maker stylist Che’Nelle Delgadillo has revealed that all she has chosen to wear in her 18-year-old pop sensation is the only item that is “real” in her style.

She told WWD: It’s more authentic than what she wears.She cares [about how she looks] And she has to do so for the internet. We don’t even waste her time if she isn’t comfortable or doesn’t like it. “

The “driver’s license” hit maker is a big vintage fan with the advantage of not being worn by many others.

Che’Nelle said: It’s not surprising for Olivia that she’s always frugal and more vintage-minded.I don’t speak explicitly [a strategy to use vintage], That’s how she wants to get dressed. That’s great because you don’t have to worry about what others are wearing. “

Chenelle’s sister, Chloe, spends her time scrolling the internet to discover vintages.

She states: “I always wake up to a bunch of emails saying” Orders are being processed. ” “

In her latest music video for “Brutal,” her outfit is a 2000s children’s television show such as “The Lizzie McGuire” and “Futari wa Futari,” along with their respective stars Hilary Duff and Mary-Kate. Inspired by Ashley Olsen. ..

However, Olivia does not object to wearing designer brands.

She states: “Yes, she may need to wear a particular brand, but it’s also cool and fun. We always say,” You’re a pop star and many can’t wear these clothes. So enjoy it for us. ” To make you young and fun, we always introduce some small brands and accessories. I think it all depends on the styling. “

Olivia Rodrigo “cares” about the clothes she wears | Entertainment News

Source link Olivia Rodrigo “cares” about the clothes she wears | Entertainment News

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