Oliver North does not belong to Berks veteran event


That’s ridiculous Oliver North was invited to speak At a Berks County Veterans’ Luncheon in November. Such as illegally funding terrorist militias dealing with cocaine in Nicaragua and secretly selling weapons to the terrorist regime in Iran to criminally allocate taxpayer dollars for his terrorist adventures. The man’s name should be infamous. He should be corrupted in prison for treason.

Instead, his felony charges were dismissed. In 1990, he founded the Freedom Alliance, a so-called charitable foundation. It was advertised to raise money for the families of soldiers who died in the war and veterans, Critics say Less than 20% of the money it raised was directed to the families of veterans or soldiers who died in the war. The rest went to Private Jet and Cadillac for North and his companions.

In 2001, he was heavily paid by Fox News to reinvent his image on Golden Time television in “The War Story.”He became president of the National Rifle Association in 2018 Even that group learned quickly He was a self-expanding, betrayal, sneaky and sneaky person.

Instead of being punished for his crimes, fraud and scandals, he lives a luxurious millionaire lifestyle. This is a typical story of an elite DC insider. By involving him in this program, the Berks County Community Foundation and the event organizer Customer Bank will participate in this paradigm of elite DC insiders who will be honored and rewarded for crime and rebellion, and Berks citizens will be able to do this. If you accept without protest, they show that they accept it too.

George Baltunas
Spring Township

Oliver North does not belong to Berks veteran event

Source link Oliver North does not belong to Berks veteran event

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