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Oklahoma Judges Continue Execution on January 6 for Ability Hearing | Nationwide

Oklahoma City (AP) — Judges in a state court in Oklahoma temporarily suspend executions on Monday for a prisoner convicted of killing a guard during a bank robbery in Tulsa in 2004. bottom.

Tim Mills, Pittsburg County Associate District Judge, has announced his stay to be able to hold a capacity hearing for 60-year-old Wade Ray. Ray and his son Christopher were convicted of shooting bank guard Kenneth Anderson, 36.

Christopher Ray was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole and Wade Ray was sentenced to death.

Ray was scheduled to be executed on January 6, but after a hearing in Mills last week, the judge determined that there was “just cause” to believe that Ray was incapable of executing the death penalty. .. Ray’s lawyer, Sarah Jarnigan, states that Ray has decades of history of severe mental illness, including schizophrenia and delusions.

“We believe Wade Ray has been executed as part of a vast government conspiracy aimed at silence him,” Jernigan said in a statement. While incompetent by permitting stay until the trial is held. “

Forensic psychologist Dr. Richard Demier, who interviewed Ray in September, determined that Ray lacked a rational understanding of the basis for his execution. Demier argues that Ray’s delusions focus on the idea that there is a plot between the court and his lawyer to silence him so that his ideas about the US Constitution and government do not spread to the public. reported.

“In Ray’s view, when his knowledge is revealed, it has an unquestionably compelling effect and disrupts the existing order. Therefore, powerful and wealthy individuals, including judges, make him silent. And there are good reasons to maintain the status quo. According to the court outline, Demier reported.

A spokesman for Attorney General John O’Connor did not immediately respond to requests for comment on his stay. However, state lawyers did not oppose the order to suspend Ray’s execution, according to court filings last week.

In an interview with the Associated Press last month, Ray did not deny his involvement in the murder and said he was a “good and rational person.”

But he also believes that his lawyers, prison workers, and federal judges are plotting against him, and the state executioner may be deliberately trying to torture him. I suspect it isn’t there.

He also uses his opportunity to address the State Amnesty and Parole Commission during his next amnesty hearing to elaborate on them and the general public about his plot against him. Said that he planned. The hearing was scheduled for December 15th, but the schedule will be changed.

“I’m not mentally ill, so I’m not going to go quiet,” he said in a telephone interview.

Under Oklahoma law, 12 juries need to determine if a prisoner is capable of being executed, and the next Pittsburg County jury convocation is scheduled for Ray on January 6th. It takes place after the execution.

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Oklahoma Judges Continue Execution on January 6 for Ability Hearing | Nationwide

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