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Officials: Seven people died after a tornado hit central Iowa | National News

Winterset, Iowa — A tornado struck central Iowa, causing the state’s most deadly storm for over a decade, destroying houses, destroying trees and power lines, including two children7 A person died.

Madison County emergency administration officials said four people were injured and six died when a tornado landed in the southwestern region of Des Moines near the town of Winterset around 4:30 pm. rice field. 4 adults.

In Lucas County, about 54 miles southeast of Des Moines, authorities confirmed one death and multiple injuries when another tornado occurred within an hour.

The state’s Department of Natural Resources said the person who died was in the RV of a campsite in Redhow State Park, Chariton, Iowa.

The tornado-causing thunderstorm passed most of Iowa from afternoon to Saturday night, and the storm also damaged the outskirts of Des Moines in Norwalk, just east of Des Moines, and elsewhere in eastern Iowa. rice field. The storm was fueled by the warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico.

Authorities reported that many homes were damaged or destroyed, roads were blocked by fallen lines, and tree branches were shredded by strong winds. At one point, the power outage affected more than 10,000 people in the Des Moines area. About 800 customers remained out of power on Sunday evening.

The storm is the most deadly one in Iowa since May 2008, when a tornado destroyed nearly 300 homes and killed nine people in a city in northern Iowa. Parkersburg. A month later, another tornado broke out, killing four boys. Little Sue Boy Scout Ranch in western Iowa.

Victor Gensini, a professor of meteorology at Northern Illinois University, said there are many examples of deadly storms in March, although they are common in April and May. Saturday storm Outbreak of tornado in mid-December He said it was what Iowa saw last year.

“The storms that spawn these tornadoes-the storms of these supercells-they don’t care what the calendar says,” Gensini said. “You don’t have to say June. You don’t have to say May. They form whenever the ingredients are present. And they certainly existed yesterday.”

Scientists say extreme weather events and rising temperatures are likely to be caused by anthropogenic climate change. However, scientifically ascribed storm systems to global warming requires specific analysis and computer simulations that are time consuming, underdeveloped, and sometimes unclear.

According to Gencini, a combination of serious damage in Iowa and wind damage to Illinois could have caused more than $ 1 billion in damage to the entire truck due to the storm on Saturday.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has issued a disaster declaration to Madison County. This allows state resources to be used to support response and recovery efforts. Diogenes Ayala, director of emergency management at Madison County, said 52 homes were damaged or destroyed over a period of about 14 miles.

The White House said President Joe Biden was briefed on Sunday about the devastation of the storm in Iowa. In a statement by the White House, Biden contacted Reynolds and asked Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency leaders to assess the damage and determine what federal assistance was needed. Directed to stay in close contact with state and local authorities.

After touring the storm damage near Winterset, Reynolds described “unimaginable destruction.”

Reynolds wept when explaining the hundreds of people who had flowed into the area to volunteer for their help to block the road and remove the debris scattered in the most hit areas. Homeowners and volunteers picked up a piece of wood and began cleaning it up on Sunday as a chainsaw swirls in the background on a rolling hill south of Winterset.

“It’s incredible. I walked around and tried to thank them, but the reaction over and over again (and) is that we are Iowa and that’s what we do.” She said.

The foundation was everything left in some homes. The tornado paved the way for destruction along the ridge, but the other homes hundreds of feet away were unharmed.

According to Ayala, emergency responders navigated a narrow road blocked by windthrows and debris on Saturday night to help after the storm.

“Because there are trees and debris around, we can’t represent the first responder hero who was there last night just to get out there and start search and rescue and influence people from it.” Ayala said.

Authorities have identified the six people killed in Madison County as Melissa Buzzley, 63. Rodney Clarke, 64; Ceciliaroid, 72; Michael Bolger, 37; Kenley Bolger, 5; and Owen Bolger, 2. The victims came from three different households. Lucas County officials did not immediately identify the person who died there on Sunday afternoon. Six people were injured in Madison County, known for the book The Bridges of Madison County and the movie, and were being treated on Sunday, but their condition was not immediately known.

The National Weather Service of Des Moines said on Sunday that the tornado that killed one person in Lucas County remained on the ground for more than 16 miles and evaluated the EF-3 at 138 mph on the Enhanced Fujita scale. The damage assessment of the winterset tornado is unlikely to be completed by Monday, but the Meteorological Bureau tweeted on Saturday that the first photo of the damage there suggests that the tornado is also at least an EF-3 tornado. ..

Elsewhere, the National Weather Service said the storm generated an EF-1 tornado containing winds up to 80 mph in southeastern Wisconsin near Stoughton. The storm flattened the wood, broke utility poles, and blew the windows of the house. No injuries have been reported.

Julie Walker, an Associated Press reporter in New York, contributed to this report. Funk was donated by Omaha, Nebraska.

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Officials: Seven people died after a tornado hit central Iowa | National News

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