Officer who killed Tamil Rice resigns after protesting his employment in a small town | US police

A police officer who killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice and was hired as the only small police officer Pennsylvania The town earlier this week is now gone, it appeared on Thursday.

Following widespread anger at Timothy Lehmann’s recruitment, former Cleveland police officers withdrew his application from the Tiago district without a town shift.

“The community spoke. They understood their feelings, and we listened to them, and we’re going to react to it, and that’s what it will be,” in a telephone interview. Steve Hazlet, Chairman of the Tiago Autonomous Region Council, told The Associated Press. “We thank the community for moving forward and listening to them.”

Lehman killed 2014 TamilWas recently hired as the only police officer in Tioga, a town of about 700 people in northern Pennsylvania, causing anger from locals. William Sports San Gazette First reported.

He swore on Tuesday during a probationary period, and the news prompted a rally against his appointment on Wednesday, with criticism from Tamil’s family.

Lehmann Dismissed from Cleveland police In 2017 after a deadly shot of Tamil. The boy was playing in a local park with a toy pellet gun when Lehman shot him shortly after arriving at the scene.

Lehmann was not fired for killing Tamil, but for providing the department with inaccurate details about his job search. Lehmann was not charged with shooting.

Tamir Rice’s mother, Samaria Rice, has publicly condemned Lehmann’s employment in Tioga. Tell the Washington Post Lehmann’s employment was a “big mistake.”

“He shouldn’t be a police officer anywhere in the United States,” Rice said, saying she was angry and worried about Lehmann’s presence in the Tioga community. “A person who knows what he did to my family was really shocked to give him a job.”

Mayor Tioga, David Wilcox, confirmed that Lehman had been hired by the council and added that he was unaware of Lehman’s career when he sat in an interview for that position. News 5 Cleveland Report..

Wilcox also argued that the mousse council did not allow him to see Lehmann’s resume, and that the borough council was responsible for hiring and dismissing police officers.

Lehmann was unanimously pledged by Tioga’s Autonomous Region Parliament on Tuesday and was hired for $ 18 an hour. According to Wilcox, he was hired under a 90-day probationary period and was planned to be promoted to chief.

The announcement on Lehmann’s recruitment was later posted by Hazlet, and the council chairman wrote: “Timothy Lehmann is your new Tioga police officer.” Reported a post..

Social media posts aroused public anger, with residents protesting Lehmann’s employment in front of the Tioga Autonomous Region office on Wednesday. Gazette reported..

Benshutter, a resident of Tioga, was one of the people who attended the protest rally on Wednesday. “Speed ​​up the process,” Shutter told The Gazette, saying the hiring process wasn’t transparent.

Another protester, Michelle Appleby of Mainesburg, Pennsylvania, told Gazette that she was attending a rally to protest Lehmann’s recruitment after watching the news on Facebook.

“I saw it on Facebook today and was absolutely shocked that someone or a group of people hired the guy.”

Lehmann then withdrew the application from the Tioga district, confirmed by Hazlet and the Tioga county district law firm. To WETM18 NewsA local news company.

Neither representative provided a specific explanation as to why Lehmann withdrew the application.

This is not the first time Lehmann has applied for a police officer after his murder. Tamil rice.. Lehmann had previously applied to work for a police station in Berea, Ohio, but he subsequently withdrew his application due to widespread anger.

Officer who killed Tamil Rice resigns after protesting his employment in a small town | US police

Source link Officer who killed Tamil Rice resigns after protesting his employment in a small town | US police

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