Obama and Biden missed a clean energy opportunity


I am writing in response to “The plan aims at the power plant” ((((Reading Eagle, March 12). The Obama / Biden administration received $ 77.8 billion to spend as it wishes. If climate change was an important issue, they would use the money to fund the American industry to develop Clean-Energy-By-Any-Standard, a technology for making coal, oil and gas. Providing that technology nationwide, the United States is pollution-free. If the United States became pollution-free, this technology could have been provided around the world to make the earth pollution-free and at the same time eliminate the concept of preventing climate change, which is a natural and periodic occurrence. Did the administration spend that money to pay for something less profitable than a clean planet?

If the earth was not polluted, President Donald Trump could have prevented Russia from invading Ukraine, but he did not rely on energy for the United States and freed Europe from Russia’s energy domination. Did. Clean fossil fuels and nuclear power plants should have ensured that they could provide all the electricity Americans needed.

Unfortunately, Biden’s efforts have benefited the enemy more than us, such as reducing domestic energy production while buying hundreds of thousands of barrels of Russian oil each day as part of the Ukrainian invasion.

Ronald Schultz
Ken Horst

Obama and Biden missed a clean energy opportunity

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