NYPD executives say there was no cover-up in the investigation of the police officer who arrested Eric Garner.State and region

New York Police Department top executive testifies Under judicial investigation An internal investigation of police officers on the scene on Tuesday included “no cover-ups.” Eric Garner He was killed during police detention, but questioned why Garner was charged with felony for having five packs of cigarettes.

A judicial investigation is a rare legal procedure that allows the general public to investigate allegations of negligence of duty by New York City officials, which began a day ago and was launched a day ago by petitioners, including Garner’s mother, Gwenker. I am leading.

NYPD Deputy Interior Secretary Joseph Resnick said there was no cover-up and spoke to Kerr as the father of his three sons, saying he was sorry.

“I can’t imagine how you have to feel,” said Resnick, a 48-year NYPD veteran who was appointed head of the NYPD unit to conduct an internal investigation into department members the year Garner was killed. rice field. “If I could bring my watch back to July 2014 and have the power to change the situation.”

Garner died after being strangled without permission by then-police officer Daniel Pantaleo. Garner’s last word, “I can’t breathe,” was captured in a video and has since been a rally cry for police reform and the Black Lives Matter movement.Pantaleo was fFrustrated in August 2019 Following rNYPD eco-mention Administrative law judge.

Judge Erica Edwards of the New York Supreme Court, who presides over the cross-examination, did not decide to prosecute anyone at the end of the cross-examination, focusing on suspension, arrest and use of force against Garner. He said he would hit. By officers other than Pantaleo; submission of official documents regarding his arrest. Leakage of his arrest history and medical condition to journalists. Similar to the claim that Garner did not receive proper medical care in the field.

The petitioner is, in part, trying to determine the role that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio played in the discipline and investigation decisions of officers. Erica James, a lawyer representing the petitioner, including Kerr, repeatedly asked Resnick the other NYPD and city officials he had discussed about the case.

“I just work for the NYPD,” Resnick testified. “I’m not working for the mayor. I’m not working for the city hall. I answer two people in this job, and it’s the police chief and the first deputy secretary. I don’t take orders -A person who takes nothing from others. “

“Maybe I hurried the paperwork a little”

Resnick added that the Home Office would support executives and their supervisors with the 2014 findings in connection with Garner’s death and questioned his charges.

“When I learned of it, I questioned the felony charges from the beginning,” Resnick testified.

The arrested police officer, Justin Damiko, testified on Monday that he had filled out an arrest report indicting Staten Island’s father for felony tobacco tax evasion hours after Garner was killed. State law D’Amico, cited in his report, requires the accused to carry more than 10,000 cigarettes for the purpose of selling them. However, in his report, Damiko wrote that Garner had five packs of cigarettes.

“For some reason, I didn’t think about it clearly. I might have rushed the paperwork a little,” Damiko said. On Tuesday, he said, “This was a complete mistake.”

“The reason for his arrest or police action was a secondary issue,” Resnick said, with Garner’s death being the main focus of the Interior Department’s investigation. Resnick said he was concerned that Garner’s arrest report was written after his death.

“Is there any malicious intent on their part to deceive or create something that wasn’t there? I don’t think so,” Resnick testified.

He added that the Interior Department concluded that “there were no false statements,” and that investigators also concluded that Garner was also provided with “reasonable” medical care.

“As long as we provided medical care, we didn’t see any problems with what the police officers did on the scene,” he said.

Four officers arrested in the video for participating in Garner’s arrest in July 2014, two days after the Grand Jury of Staten Island decided not to prosecute Pantaleo, according to a document presented in court on Tuesday. Interviewed by NYPD Investigator on December 5, 2014.

Resnick testified that a law firm in the Staten Island area had asked the New York City Police to conduct its own investigation and postpone an interview with police officers while indicting a grand jury.

NYPD executives say there was no cover-up in the investigation of the police officer who arrested Eric Garner.State and region

Source link NYPD executives say there was no cover-up in the investigation of the police officer who arrested Eric Garner.State and region

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