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Located in Radnor Township, Delaware County, Notre Dame de Namur Academy is an academy’s learning, educational and school environment.

Dr. Laura Hotchkiss, the school director, said: “We take great pride in the creativity of our students and faculty and our passion for girls’ education. We congratulate the team on this recognition.”

Notre Dame was also named Apple Distinguished School in 2018 by a three-year designation from 2018 to 2021. To be eligible for designation, elementary and junior high schools must be one-on-one Apple Device Schools, and teachers must be Apple Teacher Certified. This means that you need to have some training with an Apple product or program.

Tyler Gaspich, Director of iInformation Resources and Technology, said the designation is a testament to the University of Notre Dame’s focus on creativity and power, as well as its strong technology commitment.

“This is a great demonstration of the innovative nature of the University of Notre Dame,” said Gaspitch.

At Apple Distinguished School, this technology is at your fingertips for students and faculty, enabling education that goes beyond textbooks and notebooks.

Students learn not only by taking exams, but also by creating their own info videos and connecting with other schools around the world that are also Apple Distinguished Schools.

“We are a creativity and innovation-focused school, and we are trying to reform the way we evaluate and measure student understanding, demonstrating that we are at the forefront of this effort.” Gaspitch said.

How Notre Dame uses this technology depends on the teacher and department. Gaspich said teachers are using it in ways to reinvent the wheel and change classic classroom settings.

For example, instead of giving a lecture during class hours, a teacher can assign students to watch the lecture at home while doing more interactive work during classroom hours. Instead of writing a treatise, you can also assign students to create a video to share with the class about the subject.

“Teachers can create these various innovative strategies,” said Gaspitch, because the University of Notre Dame uses and is familiar with Apple products.

According to Gaspich, iMovie is one of the most used Apple programs at the University of Notre Dame. By using iMovie, Gaspich says students are creating more than just informative videos for themselves and their peers, giving students leadership opportunities by putting them in a leadership role in their education. Is producing.

Gaspich added that students don’t remember the essays they wrote, but they remember the videos they made.

“The University of Notre Dame continues to differentiate itself as a school that prioritizes not only providing students with outstanding technology, but also supporting the deliberate use of these resources for learning, connecting and exploring. We are trying, “said Dr. Liswillis, vice-principal of the school.

Gaspich hopes that the future of Notre Dame technology will include not only making it more integrated into the classroom, but also teaching students how to stay safe online.

“Technology doesn’t go anywhere,” Gaspich said. “It’s important to learn how to integrate it, not ignore it.”

Notre Dame de Namur Academy Selected as Apple’s Prestigious School – Reading Eagle

Source link Notre Dame de Namur Academy Selected as Apple’s Prestigious School – Reading Eagle

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