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Northwest Floods in Areas Struck by Past Storms | Nationwide

Seattle (AP) — Floods that were expected to threaten parts of the northwest weren’t so bad on Sunday, but because it was raining more on the way to protracted areas of extreme weather. Meteorological authorities urged residents to stay vigilant. Early this month.

“There’s some good news and some pending news,” said Steve Reedy, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Seattle.

Saturday’s Meteorological Bureau warned that floods could occur in northwestern Washington until Sunday, but atmospheric rivers (a huge damp plume extending northwest across the Pacific Ocean) are expected overnight. I moved further north to Canada.

“The impact wasn’t as bad as we expected overnight,” says Reedy.

After rest, rain re-enters the area later on Sunday, he said, which can cause “nuisance floods”, and in the afternoon the river may begin to rise again.

“The floods won’t be as bad as we expected 24 hours ago, but it seems that some rivers there can still be minor, perhaps even moderate,” Reedy said. Told.

The big question is how well some communities have been heavily damaged since the last storm.

People in the small communities of Sumas and Everson in northwestern Washington were asked to evacuate voluntarily on Saturday night, Bellingham Herald reported. Both towns near the Canadian border experienced extreme floods from the last storm.

As of Sunday morning, Sumas officials reported that the Nuuksak River had not yet crossed Everson’s embankment, but the river was expected to flow in the afternoon.

It is raining in northwestern Washington in November. Bellingham recorded 11.64 inches (29.56 centimeters) at midnight on Sunday, according to the Meteorological Bureau. This is the highest record of the month.

According to Reedy, the station at Quiraute Airport on the north coast is 27.8 inches (70.6 centimeters), which is likely to break the November 1983 record of 29.14 inches (74.01 centimeters).

Extensive flood warnings in western Washington were valid until Monday morning. There were also flood warnings on some local rivers.

Reedy warned against driving into the water standing on the road near the river.

“You don’t need a lot of water to push a car or truck. Some people think that having a heavy truck can get you through. It’s not always the case.”

Rain will gradually diminish on Monday, but another system is heading to the area from Tuesday to Wednesday, Reedy said.

“On the bright side, it’s still visible after Wednesday and the conditions look dry after the second half of the week,” he said. “So hopefully there will be some light at the end of the tunnel.”

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Northwest Floods in Areas Struck by Past Storms | Nationwide

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