Northampton are eliminated from South Parklands.North Parkland also exiled

Hunter Korow hit a Kurt Meehan one-out double in the top of the inning to keep South Parkland at bay, while Northampton scored twice in the bottom half to rise to a 2-0 victory in Sunday’s elimination game. rice field. At the Region 2 Legion baseball tournament in Boyertown.

Saturday night’s opener lasted until 12:46 on Sunday morning due to a rain postponement and the lengthening of all four games. Rain soaked the field again overnight, delaying the start of Sunday’s two elimination games, ironically with the first starting at 12:46pm. South Parkland went 11 innings, the longest of Saturday’s game. , Saturday’s 3-hour match

Northampton County League runners-up Northampton took the lead in the bottom of the first with an infield hit by Sam Urshen and Mason Haupt reached on an error to give two runners. Carrow walked the bases and loaded the bases. A sacrifice fly by Matt Merced and an RBI by Eli Angstadt gave Northampton a 2-0 lead.

The pitchers took over from there, and that was enough for either offense. After a tough first inning, Jaden Wanamaker had a 16-hitter streak. On the other hand, Korou also struck out seven batters and pitched a complete game.

“We both pitched really well today,” said Northampton manager Steve Kurbacker. “I’m superstitious, so I didn’t say anything during the game, but right after the two goals were scored, one of the coaches said the game might end 2-0, but his I was right to say that.”

Lehigh Valley League champions South Parkland were able to advance a runner to third base twice in the first two innings after Meehan advanced to third base on a ground ball following a double. Provence advanced to third base with two singles, a stolen base, and a wild pitch, but the runners were stopped in both cases.

“Jayden had a great game, but our offense just wasn’t there today,” said South Parkland manager Will Algard. “I told the players that they played a great game and had a great season, so there’s no reason to be depressed.”

Boyertown 7, North Parkland 5

Mistakes happen. In the eighth inning of the tied game, Boyertown coach Justin Connick watched as Gavin Slaughter walked out to lead off the inning. The problem is that Slaughter is out of the game. He started as the team’s DH, but was replaced by Elijah Calvert, who came in as third baseman, eliminating Boyertown’s DH position.

When Slaughter came up in the eighth inning, it was an illegal substitution. Responsibility for pointing out the mistake rests with the opposing team, in this case North Parkland. The Buffaloes bench didn’t notice the mistake, and Boyertown scored twice in the first inning to win 7-5 and beat North Parkland to continue the game.

After the game, Buffaloes’ acting manager Jay Malakowitz said he was unaware of the eight illegal substitutions. There was no scorekeeper in the Parkland dugout, as the tournament employs an official scorer who is not responsible for informing anyone of a mistake.

Boyertown coach Justin Connick said, “I saw Slaughter heading to the plate, but I didn’t think anything of it because I was thinking about other things.” “I never noticed it until someone pointed it out after the game.”

It was just one twist in a tumultuous game, with Boyertown starting in place of scheduled starter Rich Black, who was unable to start due to injury. Instead, Conor Moyer started and pitched four innings with a no-hitter.

Boyertown took an early 3-0 lead thanks to a walk, two singles, an error, two wild pitches and a sacrifice fly in the first inning. While the assembled pitching staff did their job, the Bears added two more runs to take a 5-0 lead going into the bottom of the sixth.

Parkland batted against Randy Winnings, who has been pitching in limited spots this season. Peyton Scharf picked up Parkland’s first hit with one out in the sixth inning and advanced to second base on a ground out. Owen Ness capitalized on a mistake to give Parkland the first goal of the game to cut Boyertown’s lead to 5-1.

Malakowitz said, “We showed a great turnaround in the final stages of the game when the players could have given up.” “We got that run in the sixth inning, and our guys got up there and got aggressive at bat and tied the game.”

Another underutilized pitcher, Peyton Moyer, pitched in the seventh in an attempt to end the game for the Bears. Instead, Tyler McNicholas greeted with a base, Leo Dauberman singled after one out, and Jake Balto followed up with a double to score. Nick Lindenmuth and Schaaf scored RBIs for a 5-4 lead. Ness equalized on a ground ball to second base.

Boyertown took the lead in a mistake-filled eighth inning, and Moyer allowed a single to Doberman in the eighth inning, but pushed the Buffaloes to eliminate North Parkland.

“We had a good season,” Malakowitz said. “I’m proud of them and I’m proud of how they’ve worked the game for us all season.”

Northampton County champions Wanderers were scheduled to face Bucksmont runners-up Quakertown in the closing stages on Sunday night.

Chuck Hickson is a freelance writer. Northampton are eliminated from South Parklands.North Parkland also exiled

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