North Wales sidewalk project is almost finished

North Wales — Work on the long-discussed sidewalk project in North Wales is now nearly complete, and negotiations will soon resume in the next phase.

City councilors heard the latest information about the town’s “Center Street Gateway” project on Tuesday night and the next round of meetings with residents along the next road that are scheduled to be upgraded.

“Phase 1 of the project, which is the sidewalk from the Parkside Gateway to the Walnut (Street) Point Service, has been completely completed,” said Christine Hart, Autonomous Region Manager.

“The sidewalks, paving stones and restorations have been completely done, everything is sealed and black top,” she said.

discussion Started in early 2020 For the proposed sidewalk project along Center Street, it runs east along the center to Walnut Street, from the entrance to the then unpaved driveway to the adjacent Parkside Place Complex in Upper Gwined. Some grant applications Approved by From 2020 to 2021 Fund that project and subsequent projects “Center Street Extension” project Additional sidewalks and construction from the center to Washington Avenue Started in early April Two weeks later, with a curve lamp associated with the new sidewalk Mid april Some residents have expressed concern about how extended routes affect the trees and gardens of their property.

Hart provided up-to-date information on the project work completed so far as Congress discussed a second payment request from contractor Ply-Mar Construction on Tuesday night. Since the meeting in mid-April, Hart said, “There have been no change orders or excesses so far,” and work is proceeding faster than planned, primarily except for the delivery of equipment needed for the Walnut pedestrian crossing. ..

“There are two sewer grids backordered, and then some parts for the backordered pedestrian flasher, but when they arrive, they’re on schedule again,” she said.

“Assuming the parts come in, I was told that it would take less than a week to put in the pedestrian flasher, so I’m hoping that the parts will come in by the end of May,” Hart said. increase.

According to the manager, the second payment request from the contractor demands over $ 125,000 for work completed since the last payment, and the autonomous region engineering consultant McMahon Associates scrutinized the payment request and the problem Was not found.Engineer review letters and formal documents from contractors are included in the council May 10 meeting material packetAnd Hart said the autonomous region would hold a 5 percent reserve on hand until the project itself was completed.

After the council unanimously approved the payment, the manager last month provided up-to-date information on comments received by residents along the next section of the center.

“We have contacted and met all the inhabitants of the Center Street Extension Project. The majority of them have already answered,” she said.

These meetings are scheduled for May 19th and 20th, and are likely to be attended by autonomous region staff, engineering companies, and residents of “the hall and part of the onsite”, Hart said. I am. Councilor Wendy McClure asked if she and other members of the Council in District 1 where the project is located could attend these meetings. Hart said it might not be an option, but she keeps informing council members later.

“They are all individual meetings with each resident. We have individual meetings with engineers because their needs may differ,” says Hart.

The North Wales Autonomous Region Council will then meet on May 24th at 7:00 pm at the Autonomous Region City Hall, 300 School Street. For more information, please visit:

North Wales sidewalk project is almost finished

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