North Wales Establishes New Public Safety Commission

North Wales — A full council is now in place and North Wales Autonomous Region officials have new responsibilities.

Chairman of the Board of Directors Sal Amat has announced the appointment of a new series of committees over the next two years.

“These committees enable us to investigate and address the various issues facing the council, and to allow council members to apply their individual expertise and interests and solve various challenges. It enables us to generate creative ideas for ourselves, “says Amato.

Early this month Amato announced that in 2022 the council will change from five subcommittees to six subcommittees and a new Public Safety Commission will be established. Increase communication and coordination Among the council, the general public, and the town’s volunteer fire brigade. The committee, represented by Amato and councilors Mark Tarrekki and Wendy McClure, meets regularly with the autonomous region police and fire departments and reports to the council.

The council’s building and site committee informs staff and the council “on plans and activities for the repair, use, and maintenance of all important autonomous regions,” and the town-owned space is “the greatest benefit.” It is maintained and utilized for. ”The council members of that committee are Aion O’Neill, Anji Fazio, and Alex Growth, along with Schleicher, who said Amato was an“ obvious addition ”.

The Employee Relations Committee will be led by town managers and lawyers to “review personnel and human resource development policies and help resolve employment and personnel issues,” Amato said. Members of the committee are Tarlecki, McClure, and Councilor Sarah Whelan.

The new Communication Committee is tasked with making recommendations “to strengthen communication between councils, residents, autonomous region businesses and external organizations”. The committee will be joined by Fazio and council members Sally Naderheiser and Sherwin Collins.

The Finance Commission “provides information to managers on finance-related issues in all autonomous regions on request,” which includes Amato, Whelan, and Neiderhiser. The Technical Committee “identifies technical opportunities that fall under the control and interests of the Autonomous Region Council” and recommends upgrades with O’Neill, Growth and Collins joining the council.

“We will discuss how these sub-committees are to be run. Mr. Amato will contact each other and the sub-committees will be in contact with each other prior to the March meeting of the council. We are working on this before asking for a chair or chair. “

“The leader of that subcommittee will probably come back here once a month to report and let us know what’s going on. Nothing may happen, but once a month, these subcommittees I would like to hear from each of those leaders about how the Commission is doing, “he said.

There are vacant seats on one of the non-council committees. The council unanimously approved O’Neill’s resignation from the Nogwin Pool Commission, which is shared with the adjacent Upper Gwined and oversees the operation of the pool at the Parkside Place Complex in the township. .. Amato thanked O’Neill for joining the board and said that the autonomous region manager, Christine Hart, would add it to the vacancy list of the autonomous region’s board and the committee seeking applicants. ..

“You don’t have to be a councilor, but you need to be a resident in the autonomous region,” Hart said. McClure added that he would submit a letter of interest to the location, and Hart replied that he would publicly advertise the vacancy for 30 days in case other residents were interested.

The town’s personnel committee also held one place from members who served their first term but chose not to return to the new term until 2024, and Hart met and chaired the group in February. Reappointed, but a new group secretary holding that vacancy.

Other current vacancies The autonomous region’s board and committee will include one location of the town’s civil servant committee for the period until 2025. There are two posts on the Historical Building Review Board, both running until 2023, one of which must be a licensed real estate broker. One spot of the Shade Tree Commission until 2026. One of the Unified Construction Code Committees shared with Upper Gwined until 2026. If you are interested in vacancies, please send an interesting letter and resume at Heart of North Wales PA19454 or email.

The North Wales Autonomous Region Council will then meet on March 8th at 7:00 pm at the Autonomous Region City Hall, 300 School Street. For more information, please visit:

North Wales Establishes New Public Safety Commission

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