North Wales can update TOD code

North Wales — A topic that was talked about five years ago and then postponed by a pandemic is back on the agenda.

The council heard a preview of upcoming talks on the revision of the zoning code for the town’s Transit-Oriented Development District on Tuesday night.

“They are text corrections. We haven’t changed the map boundaries or the streets contained in the TOD,” said Christine Hart, autonomous region manager.

According to the MediaNews Group archive, the Autonomous Region Council first adopted the TOD code in 2009. It is intended to permit and encourage specific use around stations in the autonomous region and along Walnut Street.Autonomous region Had a long parley About updating that zoning map to Expanded its TOD area in 2014, But the change was later voted Fierce opposition from residents Express concerns about enabling dense development and preventing the destruction of historic property.

Hart to the council on Tuesday night, TOD’s latest survey North Wales 2040 Comprehensive PlanWas discussed in 2 year public review When Confirmed in late 2018 With the help of the Montgomery County Planning Commission. A series of revisions to the TOD code was discussed In early 2020Hart and assistant manager Alan Guzard told the council before the pandemic put those plans on hold.

“Last year, when we were ready to adopt it, COVID was a hit. Maggie (Dobbs, council liaison to MCPC) came to the meeting on March 10th last year, and her in packet. The note is what she presented to you, and then COVID was a hit the following week, and we put it almost on hold, “said Guzard.

The proposed code changes are summarized in a note from Dobbs and the accompanying highlighted draft, both of which are included in the council. September 28 meeting material packet.. This update details standardized standards for setbacks before and after a building, simplifying the allowed parcel width, reducing the permissible building height, and giving bonuses to building densities over 0.7 acres of parcels. Add and set new standards for cushioning, parking and design standards for the area. ..

“As part of the TOD revision, we wanted to make the frontage of the building more uniform. This was seen in other zoning districts where the building may be very far from other zoning districts. In contrast to the one, “Guzzardo said.

“I think some (of the old code) was cut and pasted from other zoning code. We definitely addressed that with this amendment,” he said.

Hart added a specific example of a local company that struggled to set up a store in town under the old code: Ten7 Brewing Company, Which Opened in 2018 After passing approval under the old code.

“Remember a few years ago when Tenseven tried to enter an old building on Beaver (Street), he couldn’t find a definition of a brewery,” Hart said.

“It was difficult to approve because it wasn’t included in the TOD because we couldn’t define the brewery. Some other very popular new uses aren’t defined in the TOD,” she said. Told.

According to the manager, the area defined in the update is primarily a space known to residents as the “Wawa Triangle,” located south of the Wawa Convenience Store, surrounded by Railroad Avenue, Six Street, Walnut, and Beaver Street. It is.Dobbs I’ve been away since then The county planning committee agreed to work in another municipality, she agreed to attend future consultations by the council on the updated code, and Guzard worked closely with him and the town’s planning committee. Said With her successor..

“We have started a hearing and hope to see this and be hired by the end of this year or the beginning of next year so that some of the region will be a little more prosperous. You can see, rather than that, “Hart said.

Council Chair Jim Sandow asked if the hearing and voting for code updates would be held the same night or separately, and Autonomous Region Solicitor Greg Gifford said the schedule was up to the council. Said. City councilman Jim Cherry said he prefers two meetings to spread the word.

“Tonight, not everyone picks up a piece of paper or accesses the internet to know what’s going on at a meeting, but for those interested in TOD, a few days to a few. It spreads in a week, “says Cherry.

“There may be problems and you may have questions. You may need to return this to the planning committee for changes or updates,” said Sandow, saving time. He said he wanted to spend more time than he did.

“We can hold a hearing to allow the public and the council to interact in the meantime and make the necessary decisions for the council, which I think is the right time for the next meeting. Doing so will make you feel much more comfortable. If necessary, do it to the planning committee in terms of recommendations, “said Sandow.

Resident Andrew Berenson asked if the council could vote on the night of the hearing in the absence of “substantial or substantive changes,” and Gifford said they could. I said I could. Berenson then asked if the code update would affect the former plan. McKee Bar Tavern PropertiesBuilt in the 1890s, Walnut’s historic hotel was the subject of long discussions about the proposed project, but Hart said he wouldn’t.

“McKeeber’s assets are not included in the TOD and have not changed boundaries,” she said.

Councilor Eion O’Neill asked how the staff would take COVID safety measures to accommodate a large crowd in the council room.

The council then unanimously voted for all actions related to TOD renewal, at least until the meeting on October 12. The conference will take place at 7:00 pm on City Hall 300 School Street in the Autonomous Region. For more information, please visit: www.NorthWalesBorough.org..

North Wales can update TOD code

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